Friday, June 27, 2008

JalaN PasiR PuteH TelematcH

6th of June 2008, i attended the Jalan Pasir Puteh Telematch which was held at their school. I was grouped in 'Forever' and my leader was Wong Yew Zhung from SMJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh. There was other St John member from my school who attended this telematch. There was a flag rising ceremony before the telematch starts. There were 5 game stations and a Tin Game which we have to build a chair with the tins we brought. At the end, group 'UNITED' (Lim Kar Keng's group) won the first place, second was 'Rising Sun' (Kwan Toh Jun's group) and finally third was 'Nike' (Donivald Tham's group). Although my group did not win, but i still feel happy because i get a chance to have fun and know more friends.

The tropies and the souvenirs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hi everyone!!! before i start off with my blogzZz, let me introduce myself a little ....

First of all, my name is Vincent Wong Yoong Xiang. I also call myself TikuzZ.....Why i call myself like tat??, thats what people always ask...Well, its a long story..I'm too lazy to tell. I'm only 16 years old this year, (2008) which is also my lucky year..other than that its also the 'mouse' year.You might think that because of this year i call myself TikuzZ. No, actually there are some other reasons why i call myself like that.I study in SMI aka St Michael's Institution in the class 4sc2. I was the monitor of my class earlier but i gave it up to become a prefect. I was choosen to be in the CS commission which is the short form of Cleanliness and Security Commision. I'm also in the St John Ambulance Malaysia society of my school. Currently, i'm the Assisstant Secretary (ASS) of my division. My job is to deal with all the Headquarters (HQ) letters and matters. It's not a simple job as i have to waste a lot of time and phone calls to deal with other matters but i feel very happy with this post because i can know alot of people from the other schools as well as GIRLS. This year, St John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) will be celebrating it's 100th year. My school, SMI was the first division formed in Perak which is on the 16th of September 1940 by Mr Lim Guan Choe. Besides that i also have friendster, facebook, and msn. If you feel free, you can add me. My email address is
This is me!!