Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Having Fun with my Video!!

Watch this....

(fluff)Friends Treasure Hunt!!

30th September 2008 - (fluff)Friends Treasure Hunt had ended. Below are the results :

Number of Ya-Wobbloons found :

My '•··´¿TîkµzZ™··•' - 259 Ya-Wobbloons

Jessie Yeoh's 'Milo' - 120 Ya-Wobbloons

Timothy Ong Shi Zhong's 'B-boy Munkii' - 72 Ya-Wobbloons

Jerry Chan Wen Jing's 'Panda' - 51 Ya-Wobbloons

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raya Highway Duty!!!

27th September 2008.. me and Ivan attended the Raya Highway Duty which starts from 8pm till 8am the next day that is 28th September 2008. The venue was Jelapang Tol area which is just before the Jelapang Tunnel. My senior told us that he had duty a few times here but there was no case. When we arrive at HQ, i ask the the officers-in-charge what we should do. He brief us a little and even teach us how to use the ambulance trolley strecther too.This was my first time using the strecther so it was quite fun as i could learn something new. Somehow i had an instinct that we will have to do a case which means there will be an accident. By 11pm, the two officers were asleep, one was Mr Ramli, the ambulance driver and another Malay officer while me and Ivan were playing each others handphones. Suddenly, at about 12am, we receive news from a man that an accident had occured near the Jelapang Plaza Tol Ipoh Utara. We immediately rush to the scene with the ambulance. There were an accident between two motorcycles. We wore our gloves and jackets in the ambulance and ready to help the victims. Upon reaching the scene and rushing out of the ambulance, me and Ivan rush to one of the casualty which is concious but the other two officers rush to the other casualty which is unconcious and is more serious. The casualty that we attended had bleeding on his mandible (jaw) and palm and also had a dislocated shoulder. I immediately stopped the bleeding and applied an elevation sling. Then we waited for the ambulance to arrive to send him to the hospital. Due to the more serious injury of the other casualty which had a fracture on his left hand and bleeding on his palms, the two officers had to transfer the other casulty to hospital first, leaving me and Ivan alone with the casualty we attended earlier. After about 15 minutes, the Civil Defence ambulance arrived. Soon this casualty was sent to hospital too. It was indeed an unforgetful experience. After that, we went back to our so called ' Meeting Room ' and rest. There were no more cases after that. At about 8am in the morning, we change shift with other members and arrive at HQ at about 8.30am. I was very happy because it was my first time duty at highway and we got a case to handle. Although i was very nervous that time, i managed to control myself to save the casualty. I really hope that i will have another chance to handle such cases. For now, i know that i'm not afraid of real blood and real accidents.

Jelapang Tol Plaza Ipoh Utara at Night near the scene.

Me in front of the ambulance during the highway duty. Behind me was the 'Meeting Room'

Me after doing the case. Me and Ivan walked quite a distant before taking this picture. Behind me was the scene of the accident.

The Jelapang Tunnel in the morning.

A picture before we go home.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Birthday Present from her..

19th September 2008 was my birthday. Although you all think birthday is your happiest day of your life but for me, its not. Anyway, this year was a special one, i receive a cute present from a girl. My first impression was shock. She bought me something very cute but not so expensive from KL.

She even left me a piece of note


I bought u this present from KL, Aquaria. I hope u will like it because it is
cute and its quite expensive. Nice? If u dun like means u keep. Dun throw
away ark! The dolphin... ur 1 is blue n mine is pink.... 一对嘛!!. Hehe. Enjoy ur days.

from : Me 怡

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leo Club Orientation

21st September - Leo Orientation.... I attended the Leo Orientation which I need to take a test and if i pass i will officially be a Leo Member. The Orientation starts at 10am. There was a talk by Lion Alan Thoo before the exam starts. The exam ended at 12pm and the results of the exam is still in process.
1 of the most important thing that we need to memorize is the Leo Pledge...
I pledge of my hands, extended and open to help those in need.
I pledge of my heart, reach for it, and it will be touched.
I pledge of my ears to hear another's outcry,my eyes to see the plight of others, my knowledge to bring a man closer to his dreams.
I pledge of myself for the betterment of my community and my country.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Animal Care Course - SMK Seri Ampang

6 members took part in the Animal Care Course organised by SMK Seri Ampang which was held in HQ on the 7th of June 2008. The results had came out.
Five members passed this course namely:
1.Donivald Tham Kam Loy
2. Eric Ewe Yow Choong
3. Jered Prakash
4. Looi Hong Wei
5. Teoh Jia Heng

The certificates and the badges.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival!!!

14th of September - Mooncake Festival. my family and I went to our Grandparents house to have a reunion dinner. There was nothing special as i was to big to play lantern anymore, so i only eat mooncakes and 'palemos'. We gather around and chat and joke around too.

The Reunion Dinner!
'Piggy Biscuit'
Yeah! Mooncake!
Palemos and Mooncake!
Mum, Grandma and Dad Eating Mooncake!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My visit to Seri Manjung, Sitiwan, Manjung

On the 6th of September, i visited Balai Bomba Seri Manjung in Sitiawan which was located in Manjung. I went there to attend two courses with two of my friends, Ivan and Donivald which are the 'Animal Care' and the 'Home Skills'. It was my first visit there and it was quite fun. The exam of the courses will be conducted in our own school on 13th of September 2008.

Animal Care

Home Skills

Our journey there in Sir Ting Tai Fook's Car

View outside the car in Seri Manjung

Me posing in front of all the knots in the fire station department.

Me on top of the 'so called' Titanic Ship. It was so high up there.

Finally our journey home in Donivald's car. It was raining and we reached Ipoh by 8pm.

Fire Fighting & Prevention Course

On the 18th and 19th of August, MGS organised a Fire Fighting & Prevention course in HQ. Our division was joined by 11 person but only 10 turned up on the exam day. We get to learn how to use the fire extinguisher and some history of the 'BOMBA'. The course ended in 2 days time and the results of the course is still in progress.

Me and Ivan standing in front of a Fire Tender (The other one is the 'Hazmat')
ps: This picture was not taken during the MGS Fire Fighting & Prevention Course

Friday, September 5, 2008



i hereby promoting this 'Facebook' - 'fluff(Friends) programme. Although there are many other games in Facebook but i prefer this the most. Here you can adopt a pet to play with and put up decorations for their habitats. For more information, visit this page - . I hope that you will adopt a pet too and be friends with mine. But before that if you doesn't have the facebook programme, you can sign up first for free. Hope to be friends with your 'fluff' and enjoy yourself.