Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My visit to Seri Manjung, Sitiwan, Manjung

On the 6th of September, i visited Balai Bomba Seri Manjung in Sitiawan which was located in Manjung. I went there to attend two courses with two of my friends, Ivan and Donivald which are the 'Animal Care' and the 'Home Skills'. It was my first visit there and it was quite fun. The exam of the courses will be conducted in our own school on 13th of September 2008.

Animal Care

Home Skills

Our journey there in Sir Ting Tai Fook's Car

View outside the car in Seri Manjung

Me posing in front of all the knots in the fire station department.

Me on top of the 'so called' Titanic Ship. It was so high up there.

Finally our journey home in Donivald's car. It was raining and we reached Ipoh by 8pm.

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