Sunday, October 26, 2008

Camp Flag!!!

I got one question!! Can a camp flag be like this???.. If we do it like this, will it raise the spirit of the campers??? This question is mainly to SMI SJAM but if you are from other divisions and you are interested in telling me your comments, you can do so too..


Finding Nemo

Casualty Simulation - Training and Experiments

Today, Kevin Peter and us train and do preparations and experiments for our course. Its quite fun as we get to learn how to make dough and fake blood. Below are some examples :
The materials that we bought.
A cut on my hand. Bleeding alot.
My hand and the dough.
Amputated thumb. I lost my thumb!!!

Now, i can cheat my mum by showing her this. - Committing suicide.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Casualty Simulation - Buying Materials

Today i went out with Kevin Peter to buy the materials for our Casualty Simulation Course. It takes around 2 hours. The materials very expensive ar...

KP's Car!!

Wai Hoong and KP negotiating the price. Sorry ya. Coz picture BLUR!

Joe Hang KA-KA-CAU-CAU!!

Tomorrow, we will practice how to make the simulations. Stay tune for more updates. I'll show what we bought today on the next blog!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Found Something!!

Woohoo...Just Found something from a DEAD SJAM SMI BLOG...

haha...manage to steal some of the photo's...
i was in there..


Joe Hang and Me. I was ready to transport the casualty aka Teik Sum during last year's Co-curikulum Day. Haha. Memories....

Doing case during last year Co-curikulum Day (2007). Haiz.. this year not my team do. I was reasuring the casualty.

2008 Induction Day... I was the MC that time. explaining what is on the FULL U.. haha.. miss that. i was so cute that time.. Ceh.. Perasaan..

Newsletter From KEVIN PETER..

From right: Chim Wei Wen, Tan Yi Xuen, Liew Yii Ann and Lim Bee Yee

My recent visit to SMJK Ave Maria Convent Ipoh was truly an eye-opener…
eye-opening experience. Besides the many outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements the school has accomplished, the premier institution can also be proud of a group of students who quietly do their fair bit for the school community.
Welcome to the AMC Clinic. This is one clinic with a difference. It has no doctors, no nurses, no life-saving paraphernalia but it has the ability to alleviate discomforts, to stop bleeding, to treat burns and scalding. Once, it had even attended, rather expertly and calmly, to an office worker who had fainted.
Serving more than 2000 members of the school community is not a problem for a group of diligent and highly-skilled altruistic girls in white.Yes, they are the St John Ambulance members who have served selflessly since the clinic’s inception three years ago.
Two years ago, a mishap befell a Form One girl who unwarily placed her little finger near the gate. Shouts of panic and horror filled the air as her finger was severed when the sharp edge of the gate cut right across her little finger. The St John Ambulance girls who were at the scene knew exactly what to do. They rushed the girl to the clinic, applied first aid to stop the bleeding. The few who had remained at the scene calmly retrieved the finger. The amputated finger was placed in a clean plastic bag, sealed up and the bag was then placed inside a larger plastic bag containing ice and a little water.
When the casualty was rushed to the hospital, the doctor was astonished by the girls’ excellent methods in handling a highly delicate case. The finger was still in such a well-preserved condition, it was successfully re-attached!
AMC St John Ambulance chairlady Chim Wei Wen, a Form Five student, was filled with excitement when she shared with Ipoh Echo another success story her charges had dutifully fulfilled.
Recently, a motorist was injured when her car overturned just outside the school. Passers-by, instead of notifying the ambulance, took the casualty to the AMC clinic. Members were immediately mobilised to assess and treat the injured woman.
Chim, who has been a St John Ambulance member since Form One, said the common cases among students who frequent the clinic are period pains, stomach ache, headache, dizziness and gastric problems.
Other cases referred to them involve sprains and muscle strain suffered during physical activities.
“Sometimes we also attend to those stung by bees and injury resulting from cuts and burns – these from activities in the art room and workshop,” she volunteered.
Looking smart and neat in her uniform, Chim who was elected head of the division a year ago, said members are on stand-by everyday from 12pm to 5pm.
This requires the morning session girls to take charge of the clinic after school and the afternoon girls to be on duty before classes start for the day.
There are no sophisticated equipment similar to those found in a hospital. Chim and the members make do with a bed, a wheel chair (rarely for a school to have this), a stretcher and medications for external applications.
Teacher adviser Miss Tan Pei Nee praised her highly dynamic girls. Besides being very independent and resourceful, the students are continuously bettering their first aid and clinical skills by regularly attending home nursing classes, first aid classes and training camps.


They also enroll themselves in medical related examinations and participate in first aid and home nursing competitions. They also enter flag signaling and cooking competitions in the area, state and national level.
Miss Tan added that the girls have adequately equipped themselves with fire fighting and survival skills. They have also been exposed to casualty simulation like making simulated blood and make-up wounds.
St John Ambulance girls from SMJK Ave Maria Convent made headlines in 2006 when they represented the state in the Annual First Aid & Home Nursing Competition under the Nursing Adult & Nursing Cadet Category. They repeated the feat this year after the members brilliantly rolled out their flawless performance in five areas – uniform test, foot drill test, home nursing (long case) test, first aid (short case) test and highest individual (written) test.
The school’s St John Ambulance cadet team was the state champion in the Cooking Competition 2008 jointly organised by the Hilir Perak Education Department and the Perak St John Ambulance held at SMK Horley Methodist, Teluk Intan last August. Thirty eight teams from throughout the state took part in the competition.
Also in August, the team emerged champions in the state-level Annual March Past Competition held in Taman D.R. Seenivasagam in Ipoh. A number of 210 members, from the Remove class to Form Five students, represented the school.
The selfless St John Ambulance girls at Ave Maria have achieved much by remaining faithful to and passionate about their desire to serve – just as advocated by the motto of the organisation.
From a handful of members when the division was first started, it now boasts a membership of 250 adult and cadet members, with three active divisions – NA 17 (which was registered in May 1976), NC 21 (July 1976) and NC 33 (Dec 1986).
Miss Tan stated that over the years she has been with the uniformed body unit, she has observed the strong enviable camaraderies among the student members.
The girls have also developed and maintained healthy living habits and a respect for structure, rules and responsibilities.
They exercise leadership, esprit de corps and citizenship skills.
From Ipoh Echo, thumbs up!
The administrators, teachers and members of the SMJK Ave Maria Convent St John Ambulance should be highly commended.

My BMI !!

OMG. Today i went for a BMI (Body Mass Index) check at the Peer Counselling and Career Club!.

My height was 1.64m and my weight was 44.5kg

My BMI turns out to be 16.5 which is LESS WEIGHT.

What??? i a strong eater and you say i LESS WEIGHT?? nonsence...

never mind. anyway. i can eat more la then.

Co-Curiculum Day !!!

SMI SJAM Co-curiculum Day was today. All the preparations are done to make it a success. We demonstate case, CPR and others.

Mine was Theory.
Theory Corner!!

Kin Ho and Hong Tat showing the FIRST AID KIT!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Co-Curiculum Day - Preparation....

Fracture, Wound, Codez!!

Types of wound!!

SMI SJAM are preparing for our Co-Curiculum day. i draw the above thing all by myself. I used almost 5 hours to do it. Why am i so commited to St John. Haiz. Semangat betul..!!

Exam over...HOneymoon year over!!!

OMG....exam over...which means form 4 is over..which also means HONEYMOON year over. I must start studying this coming holidays... Good luck to all who are taking SPM this year and also next year...

Eh? Teks books return to school already.. Study what??? arghh.. must buy reference books...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sivik - Khidmat Masyarakat....

18th of October 2008 - 4sc2, 4sc3, 4sc5 and 4v1 work out together to do a sivik project which is painting the school compound.

(fluff)Friends Trick-or-Treat Event is HERE!!!

Another (fluff)Friends event - Trick-or-Treat Event which is held to celebrate the Halloween Day.

Halloween is here, Frankenturtle is Aliiiiiiive, and its time for all (fluff)Friends to go Trick-or-treating. While Ghostees come out to haunt your habitats, all Fluffs can enjoy deliciously spooky (fluff)Foods and candies!
Each night at midnight GMT, Frankenturtle will scatter treats across
(fluff)Book pages.
Then, as you go about your day
visiting your friends, you'll have an opportunity to knock on the doors you see to go Trick-or-Treating. If you find a treat, you will receive it as a (fluff)Food, and Frankenturtle will also reward you with one Trick-or-Treat Point, which can be traded in at the Halloween Shop for special spooky items - like Jack-o-Lanterns, the all new Windup Ya-Wobbly Toy, and Frankenturtle MegaMinis.

Trick-or-Treat Event



Windup Ya-Wobbly Toy

Casualty Simulation Course - Introduction and Entry Forms

Our division will be organising a Proficiency Badge Course this year entitled ' Casualty Simulation'. Below is the main Committee List

Chairman - Cheah Wai Hoong

Vice Chairman - Looi Hong Wei

Secretary - Wong Yoong Xiang

Assisstant Secretary - Fong Teik Sum

Treasurer - Ngam Min Chuan

Step 1 is done which is collecting all the forms and money -

We have a total of 63 members taking part.

Our course will be held on the 1st and 2nd November 2008 as the practical and 8th November 2008 as the exam. Participants are reminded to bring the belongings for the course. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Another Blog!!

View this page and you can see various kind of handphones. i purposely make this page because i had see many kinds of handphones..some with mp3, some with mp4 even 1 with 'TV'.