Friday, October 17, 2008

(fluff)Friends Trick-or-Treat Event is HERE!!!

Another (fluff)Friends event - Trick-or-Treat Event which is held to celebrate the Halloween Day.

Halloween is here, Frankenturtle is Aliiiiiiive, and its time for all (fluff)Friends to go Trick-or-treating. While Ghostees come out to haunt your habitats, all Fluffs can enjoy deliciously spooky (fluff)Foods and candies!
Each night at midnight GMT, Frankenturtle will scatter treats across
(fluff)Book pages.
Then, as you go about your day
visiting your friends, you'll have an opportunity to knock on the doors you see to go Trick-or-Treating. If you find a treat, you will receive it as a (fluff)Food, and Frankenturtle will also reward you with one Trick-or-Treat Point, which can be traded in at the Halloween Shop for special spooky items - like Jack-o-Lanterns, the all new Windup Ya-Wobbly Toy, and Frankenturtle MegaMinis.

Trick-or-Treat Event



Windup Ya-Wobbly Toy

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