Friday, November 28, 2008

1. Name the people you tagged.
~ Wong Chiu Tung
~ Looi Hong Wei
~ Ivan Tan Tek Ming
~ Lee Wai Keong
~ Lee Thean Soong
2. Describe yourself in one word.
3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
the one i love who LOVES me back also. yeah, agree with Penny.
4. Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her?
yeah, of course. i think everyone does
5. How if people reject your confess face to face?
what i care. reject mai reject lar..
6. God is giving u just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven, IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?
i love you. Dont miss me. Bye
7. What will u say to a person who doesn't want to believe u?
get lost!!
8. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
YES, YES, but forget when jor.
9. Do you have something special with you all the time?
my digivice aka my handphone.
10. Long distance love ?
how long???. KL??? US??? NORTH POLE???
11. Best place to cry?
boys dont cry la...
12. Who do you love the most?
myself, my family and friends.
13. Tell us of your dream last night?
hey, dreams are private and confidential.
14. Ever hated someone so bad?
of course. Badawi is one of them. Why increase OIL PRICE??? everything also become so expensive jor.
15. The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
My friends told me that i got 100% in Sejarah.
16. The last person you had a beer with?
My dad mum dont drink beer..
17. The last person you went to the movies with?
Chai Kein Yong, long time ago, i think we were watching National Treasures 2, c'mon la.. i dont trust movies. i buy pirates..
18. The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
Sir Kevin Peter. This morning to ask him when is he gonna come to my school.
19. The last person you hugged?
My pillow.
20. The last person you yelled at?
My mum la to be honest. you want to know what i yelled at her?? MUMMY!!
21. In the last week have you kissed someone?
no..for what?? later kena AIDS. eh, saliva wont transmit AIDS la..sry sry.
22. Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
Got thunder outside, cant ON the computer..!!
23. If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
24. If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
go home and sleep la.. no matter how you wished, this dream wont come true..
25. What you hate the most?
26. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Friends and family. =,[ same with Penny lo
27. Five facts About Me:
I'm TikuzZ. I'm Vincent. I'm Wong. I'm Yoong Xiang. I'm TikuzZ Vincent Wong Yoong Xiang
28. Five things that scare me:
Cold, Not Hot, Not Warm, Very Cold, Very Very Cold
29. Two Songs Playing in My Head Lately:
Only One and Your Heart My Heart by Zhang Dong Liang
30. Five Things I treasure in my life
My family.
My friends.
My Buddies
My Cutties
I'll be leaving for LTC (Leadership Training Camp) tomorrow (29th of November 2008), so i'll not be replying all your comments and messages until 2nd of December or maybe 3rd.
ps : Please dont miss me !! kekezzz.. Do SMS me because i will be very boring there....

Since this will be my last post of the month and my next post will surely be on LTC, i;ll crap everything inside here.

Went to see National Parade team marching.
  • I went to see only, not to march becausei have to much activities and my mum will surely not allow me to take part eventhough i havent ask her because all she wants from me is STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!! ( Well, I've been studying Chemistry for a whole week. Final i could master Chapter 8 - Salts
Took the Casualty Simulation test which i feel 90% i will pass
  • Took almost whole day to practice and now one of my shirt is totally full of blood and raw paste
  • Thanks to Penny, Ke Ni, Ee Laine and Zi Yan for giving me the details about the exam (T.T a lot of credit gone after sms-ing all of you)

After the LTC, i'll surely forget everything, so i'm gonna do a list now about the activities i'm gonna do after the camp.

29 Nov - 2 Dec - LTC

7 Dec - NCO Camp meeting

17 Dec - Leo Club Exam -Experience & Opportunity

21 Dec - 24 Dec - NCO Camp

Okies, and one final thing, this is for all ST JOHN-IST, there will be a MASS CPR.Below are the details:

  • Sunday (30 Nov 2008)
  • 11.00 am
  • Ground Foyer, Ipoh Parade, Ipoh
  • To create awareness among the public on the importance o knowledge and skills of CPR to save lives

This is a joint activity between Leo Club and St John Ambulance Malaysia. If you are interested, you can go there to have a look and learn CPR as well if there are any changes. I wanted to go but have to attend the LTC camp.. T-T....

Thats all for now. Happy Holidays and... Happy Holidays la

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tagged by PennyQi ^^

So here's the rules :
7 friends, upload individual pictures of them, type out their names and write the 7 things you love or hate about them! Tag 7 people after that!


Love : Cute, Adorable, Chubby, Pretty, Friendly, Always update her blog

Hate : Likes to 'SPAM' my chatbox although I pretend I care

2) DANIEL KOO WOEI HONG (the only non-ST JOHN among the 7 friends that i have choosen)

Love : Friendly, Willing to accompany me to 'ponteng' class (After year-end exam), Responsible prefects like ME, both of us are the only person who knows how to twist pens in our class (Same geng)
Hate : Blur, Sometimes like to talk crap, Tries to teach me how to play Rubix Cube but failed because i dont understand what he is talking (Finally, i learn on my own)


Love : Responsible, Shorter than me, Willing to bring me back from Manjung after Animal Care and Home Skills course, Semangat ST JOHN

Hate : Too Responsible, Too handsome, Too short,


Love : Friendly, Together become 'senior' for this year's NCO Camp (At least i got a pal there or else i will be alone), Brothers, Handsome

Hate : Too Handsome, Leave his stove at my skul, Uses Friendster's Blog (Can't tag him)

Love : Pretty, Cute, Friendly, Always tell me about herself that makes me very 'terharu', Semangat ST JOHN also, Caring

Hate : Broken ENGLISH

Love : Good pals in ST JOHN, always accompany me when we went for ST JOHN activities (Highway duty and etc), his Doggie face and Smile
Hate : Kinda lazy with his post sometimes, Scared of Sir Chan Weng Hoong, Face problem, Talk crap sometimes

7) SIR KEVIN PETER (haha, surprised??)
Love : Friendly, his nice yellow car, Responsible, Helpful, Teaches me how to make Casualty Make-up (Si fu), Good lecturer

Hates : Nothing (don't you agree???)


{~I tag :~}
{~1 Ivan Tan~}

{~2. Lee Kam Wah~}
{~3. Lee Thean Soong~}
{~4. Lee Wai Keong~}
{~5. Looi Hong Wei~}
{~6. KN Yeap~}
{~7. Duno ar.... SJAM Perak Cadets la....~}

Monday, November 24, 2008


I found out that different adventures have different 'DIGIVICES' and they are all COOL.
1)Digimon Adventure :
This is the first adventure's digivice. It helps the digimon to digivolve into champion form

This is the tag and the crest. It helps the digimon to digivolve into ultimate form. There are 8 crests in this adventure and each crest has its own meaning and symbol. The crest shown above belongs to Taichi Kamiya which is the symbol of courage (Agumon). This tag and crest helps Greymon to digivolve into Skullgreymon (wrong evolution) and Metalgreymon. Each crest slips in a tag from the side and you can see the crest's symbol through the glass on the tag.

2)Digimon Adventure 02 :

This is Digimon Adventure 02's digivice. This belongs to Davis Motomiya. In this adventure there are two characters that origin from Digimon Adventure 01. They are T. K. Takaishi ( younger brother of Matt Ishida ) and Kari Kamiya ( younger sister of Taichi Kamiya ). At this adventure, their old digivice turn into this new one. This digivice helps the digimon to digivolve into champion level with the help to Digi-Egg and D-Terminal

This is the first Digi-Egg found by Davis Motomiya. It helps V-mon to digivolve into Flamedramon.

This is the D-Terminal (Digi Terminal) and the second Digi-Egg found by Davis. This two items and the digivice helps V-mon to digivolve into Lightdramon. Different person have different Digi-Egg.

Different types of Digivices during Digimon Adventure 02

3)Digimon Tamers :

This is Digimon Tamer 's Digivice. I like this Digivice the most. This Digivice can do a 'Card Slash' and after the 'Card Slash', the digimon will grow stronger. The red colour digivice with the card belongs to Takato Matsuki which digivolves Guilmon into Growlmon and later Wargrowlmon

4) Digimon Frontier

This is Digimon Frontier's Digivice 'pulak'. On this adventure, there series are a bit special. The person itself digivolve into Digimons which is called the SPIRIT EVOLUTION. This Digivice belongs to Takuya Kanbara.

Human Spirit of Flame

Beast Spirit of Flame
It helps Takuya to digivolve into Agunimon using the Human Spirit of Flame and BurningGreymon using the Beast Spirit of Flame. By combining the two spirits, Takuya digivolves into Aldamon. Different person have different Human Spirit and Beast Spirit.
5)Digimon Savers

This is Digimon Saver's Digivice. The first Digivice shown above is before Masaru Daimon and his friends found their DigiSoul. After obtaining the DigiSoul for the ultimate form, their digivices changes (second picture). There a button on top of the Digivice that makes the Digimon digivolve using their owner's Digisoul.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today, i went to Jaya Jusco and bought these 2 DVDs at the Popular Book Fair at the ground floor

Both of them cost me RM40.80.
-Digimon Savers - RM25.90 (Original price - RM29.90)
-Digimon Movie Collection - RM14.90 (Original price - RM16.90)
Woohoo!!. I've long these two DVDs' for a long time and i had been trying very hard to borrow the Digimon Savers (Digimon 5) from my friends but failed. Finally, today i get them at a cheaper and lower price. For your information, i'm a Digimon Fan since i was very young. Yeah, since it's school holidays now, i can enjoy watching these two DVDs'.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Divisional Meeting aka Basketball Competition

Today was my division's last meeting of the year and the activity that we organise is basketball competition. There were a total of 4 teams,namely A, B, C and D with each consisting of 5 members. I was incharge of the points recording and standings. The competition ended at around 11am.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Timothy's Farewell Party

Today, me and a bunch of my friends went to Timothy's Farewell Party which is at Momo Cafe located just opposite my school after our last day of school of the year. Thomas Liew and I was the only 4sc2 student present at his party. The rest are from 4sc1. We had steamboat together and it cost us RM19.80 per seat. We ate as much as possible and before we went home, we get a chance to snap a few shots as memories as Timothy will be leaving to Taiping next month.

~~~AU REVIOR, Timothy!!~~~

~Calvyn Ee, Timothy and Me~


~OMG. i'm the only 4sc2 here!~

Thursday, November 13, 2008



Well, I know all of you have been waiting very long for the pictures. Please dont pester me too much to upload the pics or i'll be tooo tension. Relax la, brothers and sisters. Most of the pictures are still in progress, so patient a bit la. Special thanks to the following schools for attending our course;
1. MGS
2. AMC
3. JPP
4. Jalan Tasek
5. ACS, Kampar
6. ACS, Ipoh
7. Sentosa, Kampar
8. Yuk Choy
9. RPS
10. Poi Lam
11. Seri Intan
12. Seri Ampang
13. Last but not least, SMI for being the organiser.

'Extra' Special thanks to most of you all who praise that our school is very clean.

Spot a 'father and son'.
Reward : To be announced

Breaking All The Rules by She Moves

If you want it slowly don't knock on my door
'Cause I want it all and a little bit more
If you want to go anywhere just let me know when
'Cause I want to be there again and again
Now I know the time is right and I can't wait another night
Love will never turn back around

Breaking all the rules when we get together
Anything at all are you ready to do
Breaking all the rules we can run away just me and you
Oh oh oh oh

Breaking all the rules when we get together
Anything at all are you ready to do
Breaking all the rules we can run away just me and you
Oh oh oh oh

Now that we're going, let's go all the way
Nobody can stop us I don't care what they say
I'll take you places that you've never known
Don't look behind you are you ready to go
Now I know the time is right and
I can't wait another night
Love will never turn back around

Breaking all the rules when we get together
Anything at all are you ready to do
Breaking all the rules we can run away just me and you
Oh oh oh oh

Breaking all the rules when we get together
Anything at all are you ready to do
Breaking all the rules we can run away just me and you
Oh oh oh oh

I put my mind on the go because this feeling I know
Is never gonna'go away
And everybody around me has nothing to say
I'm just a runaway

Breaking all the rules when we get together
Anything at all are you ready to do
Breaking all the rules we can run away just me and you
Oh oh oh oh

Breaking all the rules when we get together
Anything at all are you ready to do
Breaking all the rules we can run away just me and you
Oh oh oh oh


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tagged by Thean Soong (Few days ago) n Penny Chong! ;p

1) Do you think you're hot ?
no la...always rain!! except in the afternoon when the sun is shining so brightly..of coz HOT la..

2) Upload your favorite picture of you!
too much.. simply 1 la...

3) Why do you like that picture ?
2 leng zai taking photo together wor. me n yap chee wai from jln tasek (i think). he was the second fastest to finish the theory test.

4) When was the last time you ate pizza ?
pizza?? must be pizza hut? or domino's pizza? i ate the cheap one bought from tesco few weeks ago.

5) The last song you listen to?
Xiao Wu Gui - Zhang Dong Liang (Nicholas Teo)

6) What are you doing right now besides this ?
listening to the song Fu Chu (Give) - ZDL also, editing the Casualty Simulation Course photoszz..

7) What name would you prefer besides yours ?
Leng Zai Wong.. dont say me perasaan .. i just simply crap only..

People to tag .
1. Ivan Tan
2. KN Yeap
3. no one
4. no one

8) Who is number one ?
my friend la.

9) Number three is having a relationship with ?

10) Say something about number two ?
leng lui from Aquarius team..

11) How about number four ?

Casualty Simulation - Exam Day

fuh, it finally ended. today was the exam day. the participants took their theory test at around 12pm (i think). then, after their exam, they had their lunch at the canteen. after that, the practical exam starts. my dad aka Mr WONG SENG KIN and a madam (forget her name) was the examiner. afta the practical exam. we had a whole family photo and that's it - the end of our course.

Theory test

1st guy to finish the test.

practical exam

aquarius team

i go kacau joe hang's team


today morning. i went to help to paint around the basketball court. although i didn't help much but at least i got help la.

after that, i 'ponteng'. i went to course.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote 4 Me!! - (fluff)Friends

Please vote for me in

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Casualty Simulation - Day 2

Day 2 had ended too. Today, the whole day was make-up only. Sir Kevin Peter was in-charge in teaching the participants too.