Monday, November 24, 2008


I found out that different adventures have different 'DIGIVICES' and they are all COOL.
1)Digimon Adventure :
This is the first adventure's digivice. It helps the digimon to digivolve into champion form

This is the tag and the crest. It helps the digimon to digivolve into ultimate form. There are 8 crests in this adventure and each crest has its own meaning and symbol. The crest shown above belongs to Taichi Kamiya which is the symbol of courage (Agumon). This tag and crest helps Greymon to digivolve into Skullgreymon (wrong evolution) and Metalgreymon. Each crest slips in a tag from the side and you can see the crest's symbol through the glass on the tag.

2)Digimon Adventure 02 :

This is Digimon Adventure 02's digivice. This belongs to Davis Motomiya. In this adventure there are two characters that origin from Digimon Adventure 01. They are T. K. Takaishi ( younger brother of Matt Ishida ) and Kari Kamiya ( younger sister of Taichi Kamiya ). At this adventure, their old digivice turn into this new one. This digivice helps the digimon to digivolve into champion level with the help to Digi-Egg and D-Terminal

This is the first Digi-Egg found by Davis Motomiya. It helps V-mon to digivolve into Flamedramon.

This is the D-Terminal (Digi Terminal) and the second Digi-Egg found by Davis. This two items and the digivice helps V-mon to digivolve into Lightdramon. Different person have different Digi-Egg.

Different types of Digivices during Digimon Adventure 02

3)Digimon Tamers :

This is Digimon Tamer 's Digivice. I like this Digivice the most. This Digivice can do a 'Card Slash' and after the 'Card Slash', the digimon will grow stronger. The red colour digivice with the card belongs to Takato Matsuki which digivolves Guilmon into Growlmon and later Wargrowlmon

4) Digimon Frontier

This is Digimon Frontier's Digivice 'pulak'. On this adventure, there series are a bit special. The person itself digivolve into Digimons which is called the SPIRIT EVOLUTION. This Digivice belongs to Takuya Kanbara.

Human Spirit of Flame

Beast Spirit of Flame
It helps Takuya to digivolve into Agunimon using the Human Spirit of Flame and BurningGreymon using the Beast Spirit of Flame. By combining the two spirits, Takuya digivolves into Aldamon. Different person have different Human Spirit and Beast Spirit.
5)Digimon Savers

This is Digimon Saver's Digivice. The first Digivice shown above is before Masaru Daimon and his friends found their DigiSoul. After obtaining the DigiSoul for the ultimate form, their digivices changes (second picture). There a button on top of the Digivice that makes the Digimon digivolve using their owner's Digisoul.

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