Monday, November 17, 2008

Today, i went to Jaya Jusco and bought these 2 DVDs at the Popular Book Fair at the ground floor

Both of them cost me RM40.80.
-Digimon Savers - RM25.90 (Original price - RM29.90)
-Digimon Movie Collection - RM14.90 (Original price - RM16.90)
Woohoo!!. I've long these two DVDs' for a long time and i had been trying very hard to borrow the Digimon Savers (Digimon 5) from my friends but failed. Finally, today i get them at a cheaper and lower price. For your information, i'm a Digimon Fan since i was very young. Yeah, since it's school holidays now, i can enjoy watching these two DVDs'.

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