Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy ONE YEAR OLD to NCO Camp 2007!!

Well, its kinda odd if i post this but it's all my memories. It have been a year since i took part in this camp last year. I still remember this camp starts from 6th of December 2007 to 9th of December 2007 at SMK Sentosa, Kampar. I was stranded in a group called 'CANCER'.

Below are my groupmates :
Mah Weng Wai (Leader) - SMK Seri Ampang
Isabell Ng (Ass. Leader) - SMJK Yuk Choy
Tean Zi Yuan (QM) - SMJK Poi Lam
Leong Jia Wei (QM) - SMJK Poi Lam
Chan Yiing Herng - SMK Yuk Kwan, Batu Gajah
Chong Kok Yan - SMK Jalan Tasek
Thivagar - SMK ACS, Kampar
Soo Jyh Wen - SMJK Poi Lam
Low Zi Yan - SMJK Poi Lam
Chee Shiau Wen - SMK Seri Ampang
Yau Yuen Cheng - MGS
Lim Yi Jern - MGS

So, i think we are thr group that do the most punishments and yet finally it turned out that we are the one who won the BEST GROUP. We were totally not aware of that and for once, we thought we were the worst team in the camp. Finally it turned out that our team was announced as the best group. Besides that, Tean Zi Yuan also won the best camper award while Cheah Pui Yan from team AQUARIUS won the other best camper. The best leader came from group ARIES if i had not mistaken. Well, i almost forgot 1 thing. Our 'fasi' was Sgt Cheah Kah Wai from SMJK Poi Lam. HAPPY ONE YEAR OLD TO NCO CAMP 2007.

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