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LTC (Leadership Training Camp)

Well, some of my friends are ursuring me to post what happen during this camp. OKOK!!. Cant you all be patient a bit?. I'm have taken one whole day to put this post on and i'm quite EMO now due to what happen to my phone yet i didnt plurk out all my emotions and just continued my life happily and pretend as if nothing happened. C'mon la, are you all my friends??? I'm so sad here and yet you all make me so 'down'. Never mind. i'll continue to put on this post no matter what happens.

Before i continue, let me introduce you to my 'family'. In other words, its called group la. Our family's name is 'Power Puff Girls'. Maybe you all think its childish la, but what to do? This name was not decided by us.
1. Yong Min Jie (My dad)
2. Yong Ket En (My mum)
3. Cheah Wai Hoong
4. Danny Goh
5. Joshua Xavier
6. Lee Jian Weay
7. Leroy Wong
8. Liew Jyi Haow
9. Monil Tejani
10. Pavin
11. Venkeeran
12. Wong Yoong Xiang (Me)
13. Wooi Sue Jane (The only sis in the family)

LTC (Leadership Training Camp)
organised by Michaelian Prefectorial Board
29th November 2008 to 2nd December 2008
Teluk Batik Resort

Day 1.

For your information, there are some changes. I didn't spend my first night at Teluk Batik. Instead, we slept at La Salle Centre due to some technical errors by the excos. By the way, i didnt blame them for that because i knew just the feelings and hardwork to organise something.
So that was it, we start arriving at school at 7am and i was one of the most earliest ones la because i entered the school gate at 6.45am and found some of my friends already waiting at the foyer. We checked into the La Salle Centre about 7.30am. We were divided into 5 per room. I was in the same room with Pavin, Harivindran, Wee Mun and Jyi Haow. Erm, Sorry la. From now onwards, i wont type down the time because its very troublesome and its kind of hard for me to recall back what is the actual time. So the next activity was Ice-Breaking. We sang the THEME SONG. We also played two games, one which is called the BOOGEY-WOOGEY and the other was STICK. Everyone of us have fun la. Then, it was our first session by Mr Eric Bryan. He talk alot la. I doesnt really want to write down here what he said because there was too many things that he spoke.I remembered 1 of his jokes was:

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done
Next was lunch, then it was FAMILY TIME. We introduced ourselves to others according to our families. Then, it was tea time which was actually turned into rest time because there was no tea. Next, the second session starts. It was conducted by Mr Eric Bryan again. Arghhh, although i'm brain storming now, i cant really remember what he talked. Maybe i'm sleeping!! After that was REST and SHOWER. Well, after my shower. My friends found a secret passage down to somewhere at the toilet at La Salle Centre. We went down the passage and found that its too spooky so we left that place and we start talking ghost stories to each other. Haha, kinda creepy also la. Next was dinner and then was the 3rd session. In this session, there are activities held. Actually in every session, there are also jokes and activities so that people wont fall boring and sleepy. I sang a song in this session which is LAST CHRISTMAS because i was called to sing a love song so i choose this song, although i didn't really know the lyrics. I have this song in my handphone so i turned it on and wrote down the lyrics and sung this song. Haha, kinda embarassing for me la because i sang it without music and there are some wrong chorus and words la. Then, it was reflection time which in other words its called FEEDBACK la. Then, we went back to our rooms. Some slept early but me and my friends were talking ghost stories. Haha, some of my friends couldnt sleep that night but i slept soundly until the next morning.
My TAG (that was done wrongly by KET EN. By the way, i appreciate her effort in doing it)
Day 2.

I woke up at 5.30am in the morning and had a cold shower. All of us got ready and pack up to Teluk Batik. Then, we saw one of the member of my family coming into the school which was WOOI SUE JANE. Oh ya, i forgot to mention her. She was sick on Day 1 and cant come. I thought she will not make it for the LTC but alas, she joined us just before we left for Teluk Batik. There were 2 buses altogether bring 80 prefects and 2 teacher advisors which is PN Thevanei Dass and Brother Matthew. I watched 'Happy Feet' along the way while most of my friends slept. We arrived at Teluk Batik Resort at 11am and we had our lunch.
Sue Jane and Min Jie
Taking a pic after LUNCH.
Next, the 4th session was held with Mr Eric Bryan again. He is such a great facilitator and he likes to tell jokes. During this session, we had an activity where we were divided into 10 groups and each of us had to draw a donkey on a piece of mahjong paper BLIND-FOLDED. Wow, this is my time to show off. I know just the tricks because i've played this game a hundred time. We can actually see from the the piece of cloth that blind folded us and finally we drew a donkey that is quite satisfying la coompared to other. Anyway, the main thing is that we all have fun and we learned to have teamwork.
Then, at 2pm, we checked into our rooms. I remembered my room was Blok Orkid , 3rd Floor and Room 3-11.
After checking in, we were allowed to go to the beach and have fun for about 30 mins. Then, we head back to the resort for Dinner.
After that, we had our 5th session again with Mr Eric Bryan. we have to do a sketch related to ASSERTIVE, AGRESSIVE and PASSIVE. Me, Jian Weay, Monil and Leroy was grouped together. Monil acted as the PREFECT while Jian Weay and Leroy acted as GANGSTERS. I was the VICTIM of the sketch. It goes like this.
I was holding a bowl of porridge and i accidentally split it onto the gengsters. Then, the gengsters tried to beat me up la. Finally, the prefect showed up and rescued me. It was quite funny la when we acted.
Then, it was the supper and REFLECTION time again. Then all of us went back to our rooms respectively. We didnt sleep early that night because we were watching Arsenal versus Chelsea at the room TV. I slept at 3 something after the match ended 2-1.
Day 3.
Obviously, most of us woke up late and with PANDA eyes. We had our CALISTHENICS in the morning which EXERCISE la. Then, we had our breakfast and again a session with Mr Eric Bryan and our 7th one and also the final one with him. Next, we had our group photo at the swimming pool at the resort. Next, we had LUNCH and a session with Mr Martin Jalleh. He scolded us for making alot of noise but finally he joke back with us. This story teaches us that sometimes we had to use the hard way to control the students in the school. Then, we played a game called 'ANGEL and MORTAL'. Each of us were given a MORTAL to protect throughout the camp and we cant unveil ourselves.Everyone of us are the ANGELS and MORTALS also la. My MORTAL was BOEY SU YENN, the lady head prefect. I drew her a picture of a cute angel and ask my friend to pass it to her. Next, we went to the beach. This is when my phone 'kena' water. Haiz so sad. I almost wanted to cry but my friends pursuade me and i got a bit fine. For the whole camp after that, i EMO!!!. Next, we went back to our rooms to have a shower and next was dinner. I didnt have my appetite that time. After that was the affirmation time where we got to tell out our feeling against each other. I affirmed Timothy by telling him FAREWELL and GANBATEH. Then, we had supper and we slept. Oh ya, the DIGI connection there was very bad and we cant contact each other. Only Maxis and U-Mobile was fine there. But, what to do. My phone was spoilt. T-T!!!
Day 4.
We woke up about 7.30 am again and had breakfast and got ready to go home. We had our last session with Mr Martin Jalleh and he showed us some pictures of some tricks in it.
Then, it was the TALENTIME. Every family had to do a sketch. I was choosen as the DIRECTOR. Then, finally it was the unveilling of our ANGELS and MORTALS time. I did not expect my ANGEL would be LAU TUCK KHEIN but finally i gave him a hug and thank him for everything although he didnt really do anything to me. I gave a lollipop to my MORTAL, Boey Su Yenn. Then, we say "HERE IN MY HOME" and few other songs before we went home. We stopped by at LUMUT for a visit and we went straight back to school after that. We reached school at about 9pm and it was totally dark. Some parents are already waiting in front of our school. AND THAT WAS IT. THE END for LTC 2008!!!


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