Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year Review

In a few hours, RAT YEAR gonna end.. T.T.. kinda sad... so i must at least post something on my beloved last day of the year..
I dont know what to post but i think i want to post on my whole year review starting from JANUARY 2008....I'll only post what i remembered la because its such a long time already..

Happy New Year!! (2008), Entered 4sc2 and voted as the class Monitor.

Happy Chinese New Year. Got quite alot of angpaus'. Duty with MGS in my school's Cross Country Run. ^^

Joined Prefect. Quit Monitor. Went to see Area Competition which my team was not participating. SMI only won silver for marching in the Ambulance Cadet. SMI too won all 3 highest individual in the Ambulance Cadet and the sole highest individual in the Ambulance Adult. Staring : Donivald - Bronze, Jia Heng - Silver, Eric - Gold in the Ambulance Cadet and Kam Wah - Sole Gold in the Ambulance Adult

April Fool!!. Duty for Sports Day.. Thats all i remembered..

Handover. Got the Assisstant Secretary post, First in SMI SJAM history. For me this post is also known as Publisity Director or HQ boy in other words. Annual First Aid Examination.

Join JPP Telelmatch. SMI SJAM NCO Camp. Trainer for group 'Bahamut'. Got promoted as Cadet Corperal together with Teik Sum and Ivan and got a Service Stripe too during ST JOHN DAY

Joined the SJAM KUIZ. Got bronze after trashing PGS but lost to Ayer Tawar by 1 mark. AMC got first. Beat JPP for third placing.

Mooncake Festival. Annual Parade, i was the banner holder for AC13. Join MGS Fire Fighting Course. MERDEKA PARADE Marching

19 - my birthday, a boring one. Went to Manjung to join Home Skills and Animal Care course organised by SMJK Ayer Tawar.

Final Year Examination. Preparation for Casualty Simulation Course, i'm the Secretary of this Course. My first HIGHWAY DUTY which ended up with a night case.

SMI organised Casualty Simulation Course for 3 days. 1st, 2nd and 8th. Join LTC at Teluk Batik.

Supposed to be Senior for NCO CAMP but suffered Dengue. So dissapointed as i've waited very long to join this CAMP. Christmas and Countdown for New Year (2009).

GOODBYE 2008. HELLO 2009

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