Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunk

Before that, i would like to have a word or two.

First of all, i'm supposed to update on my evening and night dinner at Ipoh Swimming Club post(26/12/2009).
Unfortunately, i lost all of the photos due to some internal problems.
I still remember what i ate for the dinner :
- Chicken Steak
- Pancake Ice Cream
- Banana Split

Secondly, i broke up with Kar Khei. Although it was kinda sad and emotionally at the beginning, but alas i am over with it now. Time to start a new life. I would like to state a few friends here who actually cheered me up. From top is the one who did the most to bring me back up to life:
1.- Vivian Ong (mama) & my baba (Kyu Hyun)
2.- Eric Ewe
3.- Kwan Su Ann
4.- Leong Yung Sin
5.- Jessmin Lee
6.- other friends who consoled me, thank you very much

Thirdly, my 100% attendance certificate. Puan Usha havent obtain it yet.. How am i gonna get it if i'm going to NS next week??? This question keeps buzzing in my mind.

Back to where i started (28/12/2009)
I went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunk 2 with Eric, Su Ann and Jessmin. All CAME LATE!!!, They are just so cute - Chipmunks and Chipettes.
After the movie, we walked around until 2pm when Su Ann and Jessmin went home.
As for me and Eric, we did alot of stuffs - we went Capcom, Bowling and Snooker (First Time)

Top : Simon, Alvin, Theodore

Bottom : Jeanette, Britany, Elanour

Get Set ^^


My first time
Still learning

After snooker, i went over to Tesco to visit my beloved 'mama', Vivian Ong.

I treated her pizza hut.^^.

She ordered Hawaiian Chicken while I ordered Veggie Lover.

She said she's a big-eater but i ate her part also..

End of 28/12/2009~~

I'm so addicted to Super Junior M now.

Learning Korean (by Vivian)
~ annyeonghaseyo = hi, how are you
~ babo = stupid
~ chinggu = friend
~ yeobaseyo = hi (in a phone conversation)
~ gamsahabnida = thank you

Learning Chinese (by Vivian, Yung Sin and Shiau Wen)
~ heart - 心
~ good morning - 早安
~ i like you - 我喜欢你
~ i miss you - 我像你

I dunno whether i'll be posting again this year because my preparations for next week's National Service thingy have not started at all.

Oh ya, i'm one step closer in becoming a successful bussinessman. Just did some trading in Pet Society which kinda earns me alot of money..XD

In case you cant read what is written there ; by JP1995

"I am happy to leave your first VM
Fast and safe trader
100% recommended"

Wishing everyone a .....



Sunday, December 27, 2009



Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

26/12/2009 - Morning & Afternoon
Watched Princess and the Frog with my cousin, Chuan Kang Yi.
A funny movie involving Tiana who kissed a frog who is Prince Naveen. The prince supposed to be kissed by a princess to break the spell but Tiana is not a princess and she finally turns into a frog

Girl - Tiana , Frog - Prince Naveen
Reality :
Kang Yi and me before entering cinema

Went to Capcom..won this cute doll from this machine
one is not enough!! got him a pal

Tried another 1 and we got 3 out from tat happy and lucky...
ps : this post still got an evening dinner at ipoh swimming club

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Went Christmas Party with Ivy. Did some cool stuffs there...

Ivy gave me a gift and a christmas card..^^ but i did not prepare anything for her.. Sorry ya..
Something i haven read and dunno how to read (chinese part)
Exhange gift - i haven eat yet, in my refrigerator


Who gave me the cat as present?? The cat will eat me!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Watched AVATAR with Eric Ewe and Jessmin Lee. The names of the people are just too hard to remember. Only remember Jake Sully as the main character and Neytiri, the AVATAR world girl...

Venue - Pizza Hut
Jessmin + Su Ann
God-Sis (Hail her)
ps : I'm seriously gonna get killed if someone finds out this post!!
Next up :
24/12/2009 Christmas Party,
26/12/2009 Princess and the frog
28/12/2009 Alvin and The Chipmunk 2

Monday, December 21, 2009

EduCamp - University Technology Petronas

Date : 20 & 21 Dec 2009

For the first time, i'll wearing so smart for an interview.
Michaelians (7) :
-Wong Yoong Xiang (Me)
-Ong Jin Hong
-Cheong Guo Kang
-Lau Tuck Khein
-Stephen Liew
-Lee Ban Siong

First Day (20th Dec 2009)
-check in, same room with Tuck Khein
-talks, talks and more talks
-breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner & supper
-EPT, an english test (pro) at Multi Purpose Hall
-MST, maths and science test (pro) at MPH
-chatting at rooms at night about the interview

Second Day (21st Dec 2009)
-Interview (Individual & Group) (A-24-3)
-Balik Kampung

Me, Jin Hong, Guo Kang and Ruben (First Batch (A) Guyz)

Exhausted after the interview

Without Specs
With Specs

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freedom - Day 4

(12th Dec 2009)
Whole day, play PSP today..
At 7pm, i went to church with Ivy, her mum fetched me..
Did some caroling and games there. Went home by 10.30pm
Learnt that blogging is important as it recalls back our journey of life

Gentleness - Took picture of the apple before i eat it

Friday, December 11, 2009

Freedom - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 (10th Dec 2009)

Whole day watch drama at home - Dicey Business, a gambling drama

Day 3 (11th Dec 2009)

Went to Jusco to watch Storm Warriors (Wind and Cloud) with darling 10.45am movie.
Then i join a bunch of michaelians at MCD and CC after they watched 2012

Bunch of Michaelians which i mentioned just now

RJ and I at MCD with Calyvn's sunglasses


Seriously, i looked damn cool in this photo

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Beginning - Day 1

SPM ended in a blink of an eye. 4 weeks of exam passes by just like a flash of light. Although its the end of schooling life but its a new chapter and beginning in my mind.

Forget about how i fare in SPM, 6 months of freedom is in front of me.

On the first day of freedom (9th Dec 2009), i woke at 10am with a blur face. Then i tidy up myself and went out for breakfast with my grandparents.

At about 10.30am while i was having my breakfast... i received a SMS from darling ; 'Can u come to Jusco now?'

And so i went to Jusco by 12.30pm.. Darling told me that we are going to watch 'Astro Boy' - 1.45pm. The movie was kinda childish but it was quite nice. Its a remake of the old 'Astro Boy' movie

Next, as usually what couples did, we...(if you're smart you know negatives). I went home by 6.30pm.. This is how i spend my first day of so-called freedom

Darling and Me

Acting cool :p

Darling put nail polish on my finger nails T.T

Friday, November 13, 2009

Take Care

I guess I've broken my promise to stop blogging till SPM ends, felt sorry for myself. :)

For the pass few days, I've been counting my days left in meeting my friends and attending school

I know even after SPM and we have each others' contact numbers, we wont be so close anymore and see each other in school uniform anymore.

'Some will go east, some will go west, some north and some south' Everyone will have a different pathway to walk on.

For now, i wish everyone GOODLUCK IN SPM. Hope these words inspires you to do better in SPM.

I really hope i can turn back time and start all over again. All i can do now, is just to cherish the moments left with my friends and peers.

Last piece of advise : Dont give up on anything ya. Take care.....

Form 5 Farewell :

Prefecting :

5 Science 2 :


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shut Down

Bidding a Temporary Goodbye and Farewell to my Blog and Dear Readers.
As SPM is drawing near, i wont be blogging till SPM ends.
Good luck to all Form 5s' who are taking SPM this year.
See ya..^^

Saturday, October 10, 2009

SPM Trials 2009

First of all, i would like to apologise for not scribbling on my blog for a long time. A lot of things turned up these few days which made me lazy to touch my dearest blog. Besides that, i also couldn't find anything that is appropriate for me write for the pass few weeks. Somehow, without noticing, i've abandoned my blog and had not post anything new since a very long time.

Without further delay, i will publish my trial marks here ;

Bahasa Malaysia
81 - 1A

86 - 1A

95 - 1A

Additional Mathematics
93 - 1A

66 - 4B

Pendidikan Moral
94 - 1A

83 - 1A

81 - 1A

86 - 1A

Prinsip Akauns
87 - 1A

In General, I've achieved 9 1As' and 1 4B .My 'PNG' (Purata Nilai Gred) would be 1.3. Hence, Ive predicted that I could get 5th in the class while in the form, i felt that i might scrap myself into 6th. Although I've managed to grab excellent results this time, I still cant be too proud of myself as SPM is flying very near now. I still have to buck up my Sejarah knowledge.

Furthermore, there's a new grading system recently. It's generated this year and it is also appoved this year. This new grading system ranges from A+ to G

Grade System and Scheme (2009) - (Previous Grade System In Brackets)

A+ (1A)
A (1A)
A- (2A)
B+ (3B)
B (4B)
C+ (5C)
C (6C)
D (7D)
E (8E)
G (9G)

As you can see, 1A is divided, one which is in the higher level, A+. This system is to urge the students in Form 5 to study 'more' harder in order to obtain scholarship.PITY FORM 5s'

Friday, October 2, 2009

101th post

Birthday Girl with her present

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday Cakes

Received 3 birthday cakes in Pet Society

From: Joker (Timothy)

From: autumn (Jean)

From: holiday (Kar Khei)