Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saya punya 'UNCLE'!!

Well, i went to school for my biology extra class today. My teacher say that she will be bisecting animals to see their respiratory systems. Most of my friends brought frogs but one of my friend brought a friend of mine which i called him my 'uncle'..^^.. a rat...!!

Rats like calculators??


After putting in chloroform!!

Bisecting equipments!!

Please dont vomit..^^!

Finally, we did not bisect the rat because its too cute..^^!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese 'NIu' Year..^^

'L' for Lou, 'S' for Sang. 'LS' for Lou Sang.

Aunty ^^
Jen Jiet & Bro..^^
Another aunty and Matthew..^^
Eating lar, obviously
No, not my grandma and grandpa, my uncle and aunty oso lar..
BOMOH aka my dad..^^
Yummy...^^ Taking this photo for my MORAL project.
The 'miang' look by my bro
Really admire my aunt. There are more than 4 cupboards full of these things
Playing badminton with Kang Yi
At first i really taught he was sleeping but actually he was playing with his phone. Sitting there was my aunt, my lawyer cousin and his bro.
Wow, this year's new year passes so quickly. Time to study again. SPM is just few months away. Start to feel the tense already. Not much ang pau this year as usual. T.T

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Since its chinese new year and everyone is wishing me happy chinese new year for non-stop, so i decided to stop all the craps.

Today, there was training for adult team.

As usual, i was No. 2

Actually what is so hard about controlling crowd, for me its very fun but to my teammates they got a bit blur, stuck and a bit scared too..

Well, after two rounds of marching at the badminton court at 2.30pm under the hot sun, finally we got back our momentum as a team, still have to train harder lar.

A quiz for you all!!

Is this 3????

NO la... its zero ^^

Monday, January 19, 2009

during induction day.. boring lar...exco's behind me discussing how to torture members!!muahaha...

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Beloved Teachers!!

Well, school starts for 2 weeks already. Quite tired with all my homework.
Long time didnt post anything already. So i made up my mind telling you all about my class '5Science2' s' teachers

Lets start with:
Modern Maths : Pn Azura (Class Teacher)
Teacher enter class
Class noisy
Teacher : (Quiet) + (EMO FACE)
Prefects : Shhhhhhh!!!
Students : (Quiet finally)
Monitor : Good morning teacher.
Student : Good morning teacher.
Teacher : Take out your maths exercise book! Who didnt do my homework, take your chair and table, go outside!!
Students : She's so EMO (in their heart)

BM - Pn Roslinda
Teacher : Sudah sain contract tahun lepas, kenalah dengar cakap cikgu.
Students : Aiyoyo!!

Add Maths - Pn Hamisah
Teacher enter class
Students : SUSAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sejarah - Pn Hing
Before teacher enter,
Students : Hing, Hing, Hing
In the class,
Students : (doing other teacher's work)
Teacher : Yoooooouuuu better keep your book ar! or else once i consficate i wont return to you no matter what subject is that.

BI - Pn Usha
Teacher enter class
Thomas : Heeeeellllllllooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
In the class when class is very noisy
Teacher : (Talk in very very soft voice)
Students : Har, Cant hear you lar. Wah, so loud ar...

Physics - En Prakas
In the class
when there's a question by the teacher
Teacher : Har! Take ur your hand! stand up and answer this question
Student : (I where got take up my hand???)

Chemistry - Pn Thevanei
Chinese Students : MOU MOU WONG

Moral - Pn Shawani
Teacher : My dear, my dear, my dear.. ( Every sentence she say got the word my dear )

Thats all lar.. Very tired to type already

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Week

First week of school was so hectic.
Got too much tense with my homeworks and tuition and revision too...
First week of school already have to do two chemistry practical report, biology PEKA, and so on.
Induction Day for St John was next Wednesday.
Just make a new blog for St John.
Have to update both my blog and that blog.

Got time? visit

Thats all lar...duno wat to post already...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cant Left Out

Haiz.. Since everyone is posting on his first day of school, i cant left out too..^^

Well, on the first day, nothing much, there was no studies at all. But in the morning, i gotta handle a new student from POI LAM (SUWA). Haiz, i have to bring him to walk round the school to find the respective teacher. Finally, i found the teacher and i was so relieved. He's form4 and i dont know he entered which class, who bothered!!

On the second day, studies finally starts. First period was ADD MATHS but there was Contact Hour so the teacher did not entered the class. Unfortunately, i was choosen to take care of the Form3 and Form4 classes before they entered their respective classes because they had to listen to talks from the Form3 and 4 discipline master. Haiz, cant enjoy the leisure being in the class without teacher. Modern Maths was taught by Puan Azura again. She was also our class teacher thou not many of my classmates like her mainly becuase she's EMO and she did not apply a cert for those who had attendance 100% throughout the year last year including me. T.T. First chapter was BASES. OMG, what is she talking lar. I dont understand at all about this chapter. She left the class just after 10 minutes entering the class because she wanted to help some of my classmates get their SPBT books. Then, final period was SEJARAH. i was so sleepy!! i really couldnt concentrate. Have to do revision. Haiz. T.T

Started tuition Mr Hin today with Jian Weay. Wow, he was like a bullet. He was teaching Add Maths so fast that i almost couldnt catch up but fortunately, i was alert throughout the class although i was sleepy. After Add Maths tuition which ended at 4.15pm, i had to rush to the Physics tuition nearby Mr Hin's place which starts at 4pm. Got there late la of course. Physics was so BORING!! Slept in the class!!... Went to my dad's bank and he fetch me home at 6pm. Then, someone SMS me. I dont know who is he because i lost all my contacts. Finally i know she was Voon Bin. She claims that she saw me at Mr Hin's tuition. Fuh, i didn't realise also she was there because i was not a good recogniser..

Well, thats all for now..
One more whole year to go..
Trial was 7Sept according to my class teacher..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Funniest Essay I've Ever Read!!

Pagi itu pagi minggu. Cuaca cukup sejuk sehingga mencapai takat suhu beku. Sebab itu saya tidak mandi pagi sebab air kolah jadi air batu dan air paip tidak mahu keluar sebab beku di dalam batang paip. Pagi itu saya bersarapan dengan keluarga di dalam unggun api kerana tidak tahan sejuk. Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya menemaninya ke pasar. Tetapi saya tidak mahu.
Selepas emak menikam perut saya berkali-kali dengan garfu barulah saya bersetuju untuk mengikutnya. Kami berjalan sejauh 120 kilometer kerana pasar itu letaknya 128 kilometer dari rumah. Lagi 8 kilometer nak sampai pasar saya ternampak sebuah lori kontena meluru dengan laju dari arah belakang.
Dia melanggar emak saya. Emak saya tercampak ke dalam gaung. Dia menjerit “Adoi!”. Lepas itu emak saya naik semula dan mengejar lori tersebut. Saya pun turut berlari di belakang emak saya kerana takut emak saya melanggar lori itu pula. Pemandu lori itu nampak kami mengejarnya. Dia pun memecut lebih laju iaitu sama dengan kelajuan cahaya. Kami pula terpaksa mengejar dengan lebih laju iaitu sama dengan dua kali ganda kelajuan cahaya. Emak saya dapat menerajang tayar depan lori itu. Lori itu terbabas dan melanggar pembahagi jalan lalu bertembung dengan sebuah feri. Feri itu terbelah dua.
Penumpang feri itu yang seramai 100 orang semuanya mati. Pemandu feri itu sangat marah. Dia pun bertukar menjadi Ultraman dan memfire pemandu lori. Pemandu lori menekan butang khas di dalam lori dia..lori itu bertukar menjadi robot Transformer. Mereka bergaduh di udara. Emak saya tidak puas hati. Dia pun terus menyewa sebuah helikopter di GentingHighlands dan terus ke tempat kemalangan. Dia melanggar pemandu feri yang telah bertukar menjadi Ultraman itu.
Pemandu feri itu terkejut dan terus bertukar menjadi pemandu feri semula lalu terhempas ke jalanraya. Pemandu feri itu pecah. Pemandu lori sangat takut melihat kejadian itu. Dia meminta maaf dari emak saya. Dia menghulurkan tangan ingin bersalam. Tetapi emak saya masih marah. Dia menyendengkan helikopternya dan mengerat tangan pemandu lori itu dengan kipas helikopter. Pemandu lori itu menjerit “Adoi..!” dan jatuh ke bumi. Emak say menghantar helikopter itu ke Genting Highlands. Bila dia balik ke tempat kejadian, dia terus memukul pemandu lori itu dengan beg tangannya sambil memarahi pemandu lori itu di dalam bahasa Inggeris.
Pemandu lori itu tidak dapat menjawab sebab emak saya cakap orang putih. Lalu pemandu lori itu mati. Tidak lama kemudian kereta polis pun sampai. Dia membuat lapuran ke ibu pejabatnya tentang kemalangan ngeri itu. Semua anggota polis di pejabat polis itu terperanjat lalu mati. Orang ramai mengerumuni tempat kejadian kerana ingin mengetahui apa yang telah terjadi. Polis yang bertugas cuba menyuraikan orang ramai lalu dia menjerit menggunakan pembesar suara. Orang ramai terperanjat dan semuanya mati.
Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya ke pasar untuk mengelak lebih ramai lagi yang akan mati. Di pasar, emak saya menceritakan kejadian itu kepada penjual daging. Penjual daging dan peniaga-peniaga berhampiran yang mendengar cerita itu semuanya terkejut dan mati. Saya dan emak saya terus berlari balik ke rumah. Kerana terlalu penat sebaik saja sampai di rumah kami pun mati. Itulah kemalangan yang paling ngeri yang pernah saya lihat sebelum saya mati.