Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cant Left Out

Haiz.. Since everyone is posting on his first day of school, i cant left out too..^^

Well, on the first day, nothing much, there was no studies at all. But in the morning, i gotta handle a new student from POI LAM (SUWA). Haiz, i have to bring him to walk round the school to find the respective teacher. Finally, i found the teacher and i was so relieved. He's form4 and i dont know he entered which class, who bothered!!

On the second day, studies finally starts. First period was ADD MATHS but there was Contact Hour so the teacher did not entered the class. Unfortunately, i was choosen to take care of the Form3 and Form4 classes before they entered their respective classes because they had to listen to talks from the Form3 and 4 discipline master. Haiz, cant enjoy the leisure being in the class without teacher. Modern Maths was taught by Puan Azura again. She was also our class teacher thou not many of my classmates like her mainly becuase she's EMO and she did not apply a cert for those who had attendance 100% throughout the year last year including me. T.T. First chapter was BASES. OMG, what is she talking lar. I dont understand at all about this chapter. She left the class just after 10 minutes entering the class because she wanted to help some of my classmates get their SPBT books. Then, final period was SEJARAH. i was so sleepy!! i really couldnt concentrate. Have to do revision. Haiz. T.T

Started tuition Mr Hin today with Jian Weay. Wow, he was like a bullet. He was teaching Add Maths so fast that i almost couldnt catch up but fortunately, i was alert throughout the class although i was sleepy. After Add Maths tuition which ended at 4.15pm, i had to rush to the Physics tuition nearby Mr Hin's place which starts at 4pm. Got there late la of course. Physics was so BORING!! Slept in the class!!... Went to my dad's bank and he fetch me home at 6pm. Then, someone SMS me. I dont know who is he because i lost all my contacts. Finally i know she was Voon Bin. She claims that she saw me at Mr Hin's tuition. Fuh, i didn't realise also she was there because i was not a good recogniser..

Well, thats all for now..
One more whole year to go..
Trial was 7Sept according to my class teacher..

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