Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese 'NIu' Year..^^

'L' for Lou, 'S' for Sang. 'LS' for Lou Sang.

Aunty ^^
Jen Jiet & Bro..^^
Another aunty and Matthew..^^
Eating lar, obviously
No, not my grandma and grandpa, my uncle and aunty oso lar..
BOMOH aka my dad..^^
Yummy...^^ Taking this photo for my MORAL project.
The 'miang' look by my bro
Really admire my aunt. There are more than 4 cupboards full of these things
Playing badminton with Kang Yi
At first i really taught he was sleeping but actually he was playing with his phone. Sitting there was my aunt, my lawyer cousin and his bro.
Wow, this year's new year passes so quickly. Time to study again. SPM is just few months away. Start to feel the tense already. Not much ang pau this year as usual. T.T

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