Friday, January 16, 2009

My Beloved Teachers!!

Well, school starts for 2 weeks already. Quite tired with all my homework.
Long time didnt post anything already. So i made up my mind telling you all about my class '5Science2' s' teachers

Lets start with:
Modern Maths : Pn Azura (Class Teacher)
Teacher enter class
Class noisy
Teacher : (Quiet) + (EMO FACE)
Prefects : Shhhhhhh!!!
Students : (Quiet finally)
Monitor : Good morning teacher.
Student : Good morning teacher.
Teacher : Take out your maths exercise book! Who didnt do my homework, take your chair and table, go outside!!
Students : She's so EMO (in their heart)

BM - Pn Roslinda
Teacher : Sudah sain contract tahun lepas, kenalah dengar cakap cikgu.
Students : Aiyoyo!!

Add Maths - Pn Hamisah
Teacher enter class
Students : SUSAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sejarah - Pn Hing
Before teacher enter,
Students : Hing, Hing, Hing
In the class,
Students : (doing other teacher's work)
Teacher : Yoooooouuuu better keep your book ar! or else once i consficate i wont return to you no matter what subject is that.

BI - Pn Usha
Teacher enter class
Thomas : Heeeeellllllllooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
In the class when class is very noisy
Teacher : (Talk in very very soft voice)
Students : Har, Cant hear you lar. Wah, so loud ar...

Physics - En Prakas
In the class
when there's a question by the teacher
Teacher : Har! Take ur your hand! stand up and answer this question
Student : (I where got take up my hand???)

Chemistry - Pn Thevanei
Chinese Students : MOU MOU WONG

Moral - Pn Shawani
Teacher : My dear, my dear, my dear.. ( Every sentence she say got the word my dear )

Thats all lar.. Very tired to type already

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