Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny Ghost Stories found on Kam Wah's Blog!!

Ghost stories are meant to scare the hell out of you, right? Well, I have 2 ghost stories that claim otherwise. I found these 2 ghost stories to be funny. Read on...


Two friends were waiting for the last bus, but they were afraid that they had missed it; it was so late. There were no cars passing by, no phone nearby to call a cab; they were stranded at the bus stop. They were getting quite nervous. It was late. What could they do?

Then, as they looked up, they saw a bus slowly approaching them. The last bus! They hadn't missed it after all! When the bus stopped slightly at the bus stop, the 2 young guys quickly dashed up the bus in relief.

Then the bus started moving. Only after a few minutes did they realize there was something wrong. Seriously wrong.

First, the bus was moving too slowly.

Second, there was no conductor to collect their fare.

And third, when they got curious and checked, they found that the driver seat was empty!!!

Their hair standing, their hearts in their mouths, they looked at each other in shock and started to scream in horror.

Then, the bus stopped. Stop.

And the driver and the conductor came from behind the bus - where they had been pushing it - to see what the fuss was all about.

Apparently, the bus broke down earlier before it reached the bus stop. So, the driver and his conductor has gone down to push the bus back. They didn't even realized that the 2 young guys had entered the bus.

Ok, maybe this story is not really that funny, but the next one is really funny.


One day, a medical student left his bag in the anatomy room (the place in the medical school where students dissect real bodies, which have been preserved in formaldehyde).

By the time the student remembered, it was quite late in the night but there were some notes in the bag he would need early next morning. He decided to go back for it, even though it was now about 1am in the morning.

When he entered the room, he tried the lights but for some reason they didn't work. Anyway, he knew where he had left the bag, so he made his way towards the right table. The were dismembered bodies lying everywhere on the tables, some of them covered with a cloth, waiting to be dismembered further. But as a doctor in training, the student told himself he must not be afraid.

When he reached his table, he noticed that the corpse on his table seemed to be much larger than the one he had operated on that evening. It was covered completely with a white cloth and curious as he was, he decided that for now, it would be best to just pick up his things and go.

He bent down to pick his bag up, saying out loud for courage "There you are!" and just at that exact moment the white, draped figure on his table sat up.

The student fainted.

When they revived him, he wasn't sure how to accept the night guard's profuse apologies for using his table to take a nap, all draped in white cloth in case the boss came around to check.

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