Sunday, February 22, 2009

Michaelian Run 2009 Duty

Today, i arrive 6am at school. The members were called to fall in by Joe Hang. Then, they were divided into groups where they were later divided into their respective duty places. 3A4 and 3A5 were used as sickbays, 3A4 as the girl's sickbay which was used by our own PBSM and 3A5 as the boy's sickbay which was used by our very own members. Today was a very hectic day as alot of people consulted us with cramps and strains on their legs. The duty ended at 10.40am. Alex came back with his car and walkie talkie to help us.

Sir Kevin Peter gave me the casualty simulation cert and badge today. I got 90% for the whole test, so happy. ^^. To those who read my blog, if you wish to get your cert and badge early, can contact me to get it. I'll be giving the certs away after the area competition because i'm now busy training for the comp.

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