Friday, February 27, 2009

What the??

My division is really facing a big problem now especially the adult team. How many weeks till comp? 2weeks!! Less than 20 days. Why they all dont want training??? All busy with what?? 'If you all dont want training, better dont join.' Boots?? 'I seriously wont take my angpau money to buy a new boot just for the comp which i need to wear only for one day'

Cadet Team is not up to standard yet. Time is so limited now. 'Joe Hang, did you really train them last year?? Their treatment and coordination is like sh*t. What are you doing? Playing when training them. You call yourself a trainer???' 'I regreted i only start training them this month, should have start earlier' Accomodation??? This year no YMCA, how?? 'WTF, still havent decide yet. All also dont wanna stay back, sit down and talk'

In my heart : 'Ex-excos!!! You all chose the wrong president, wrong post for some excos!!!! He cant handle things well!!! Only know how to talk!!!!!! Not enough action!!!! Everything for comp now unsettled!!! No teamwork among excos in the division!!! Only 1 or 2 excos sacrificing is not sufficient!! Some excos not doing their jobs well - lazy!! Only do after being scolded!!!. I really lost hope on this division!!!' 'i really feel the tense now!! i think i can handle the division better rather than him if i'm the president'

ps ; this is only what i feel in my heart. i plan to resign just before the AGM!!! i dont fit the get the cert!! and i dont really care for it!!!!

SHOULD I RESIGN????? tell me what should i do??? the division is in CHAOS!!!!

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Ulat said...

my humble 2 cents
Do what you can for the division, but not giving up. Resign will only pull the divison down. If the others are not doing what they are suppose to do, SHOW IT TO THEM, SHOW THEM THE RIGHT SPIRIT OF SJAM, implant it in the juniors. That's what you can do.
I had been through worse situation where division politics, school politics, irresponsible authorities + members' negative attitute and so on during my years back in high school. * Guess what, I was the one who did all the admins documents and training for all 3 divisions back then, not forgetting I had to handle 13 subjects too*
Speak to your division officer and advisory teacher for solutions or advices.
All the best.