Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Friday (13 Mac)
After school, me and the four cadet team members went to joe hang's and kisor's house to overnight and for the preparation for the area competition which is on the next day. me and teik sum slept in joe hang's house. i slept approximately 2am.

Saturday (14 Mac)
Important day. Woke up 6am while teik sum and joe hang were still sleeping. I took a cold bath and prepare for the competition. Had breakfast at Kisor's house and started to YMCA at 8am. checked in and went to HQ for briefing at about 10am. Theory test started at 1pm and we took only 30 minutes to finish it. Uniform checking was on 2.30pm and marching was on 3.30pm. Went back to dorm to had bath and went out to eat and spent sometime at X3

Sunday (15 Mac)
woke up 6am again. Was the first one to wake up again. get ready for case. i think we screw up both the cases. finally prize giving time!!. i won silver for highest individual. SURPRISE!!! surprise not because i won silver!! surprise because my no 5 stole my GOLD!!!! went back home -EMO!!

Monday (16 Mac)
nothing happen!! start doing my holiday homework

Tuesday (17 Mac)
went for universal camp meeting at HQ. as the treasurer, there isn't thing for me to do as the meeting is mostly on discussion for the program side. Sir Leong ask me to go to the hospital with him. i agreed. we went there with the ambulance and took one of the JPP's member's dad home after his check up at the hospital. according to sir, the member's parents had an accident a few days ago and her mum died, her dad had fractures on his both legs.. pity her

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