Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Test 2009

Woohoo!! My final month test had over!!
Below are the comments and expected marks i will get for the exam.

Bahasa Melayu (BM) - Expected 80%
OK lar. Not facing any problem answering this paper

English - Expected 80%
Quite easy. But i think i can do better than this time

Sejarah - Expected 70%
I dont really like Sejarah but what can i do? Its a compulsary subject

Physics - Expected 80%
Physics is quite easy as it only covers chapter 1.

Chemistry - Expected 70%
Not enough time to answer the paper plus its very hard.

Biology - Expected 65%
I think i screw up Bio this time. Didn't really study well

Additional Maths - Expected 90%
Very easy lar and i can answer all the questions well. I made 1 silly mistake on one of the questions. Haiz, i am so dissapointed now because i couldn't get full marks

Modern Maths - Expected 100%
Hope so lar. Very easy lar.

Moral - Expected 100%
Less than this also never mind la. As long as A1 enough.

Accounts - Expected 90%
If there is no objectives, i sure get 100% already.

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D. lady prefect XD said...

high expectations huh?
mostly A wu..
teruskan usaha!! XD