Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Science 2 = Unbeatable!!

Today was SMI's Sports Day. Although it was held quite late compared to other schools, but i feel it's a success one. ^^
There was one tradition in my school that most of the schools in Ipoh doesn't have ; CLASS MARCHING!! From what i see, most of the schools i know doesn't march with their classes but their unit uniforms respectively! I don't think this is a good idea because not all the students get the chance to experience marching. Therefore, i felt that what my school did was right!!
I arrive at school today at around 6.30am, Then, the members fall in and started their duty.
Without furthur more delay, i present you the pictures that i'd taken during my school's Sport's Day
Flag Bearers Getting Ready5 Science 2 's Flag ^^SMI Military BandGrandStandLaunching of SMI's Sports DayLa Salle House!!Augustus House!!Patrick House!!U-Paul House!!Me in my 5 Science 2 attire..^^The 3 Muskiteers...Blah Blah..whatever!!5Sc2 Rox!!Final Practice Before March Past StartsOne of the Form6' class with a stunning display!!! SMI TITANs!!!
5 Science 2 won the Best Class in FORM 5!!!5 Science 2 also wins the March Past... Congratez..Gxgxgxgx!!!Sigh! This picture tells all!!CHAMPIONS - 5 SCIENCE 2
Thats all about SMI's Sports Day. Bless God for letting us win!!
ps: the video of the class marching takes too long for me to upload so i canceled it...those who want it please ask it from me in school

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