Friday, May 15, 2009

First of all, i would like to apologise to all my readers for not updating my blog for a long long time. For your information, i have been preparing hard for my mid-term examination and does not even have the time to online and put in more posts. I would surely fare badly in this examination because i have only start studying lately at the eleventh hour. There are a few matter that i would like to post, rise and write this time.
Firstly is my first-term and also my final monthly test results. As i've promised Sara Lee that i would post my result on the blog, i would like to apologise to you (if you read my blog la) because i post it late.
1) Bahasa Malaysia - 81 (1A)
2) English - 85 (1A)
3) Moral - 86 (1A)
4) History - 72 (3B)
5) Mathematics - 100 (1A)
6) Additional Mathematics - 89 (1A)
7) Accounts - 94 (1A)
8) Physics - 95 (1A)
9) Chemistry - 79 (2A)
10) Biology - 70 (3B)

Although my results are quite good this time, but remember this is only my school's monthly test. Mid-term examination is far more difficult than this exam. My actual mark for History is 75 (2A), Puan Hing (my History teacher) minus 3 marks from my paper because i forgot to write my name on it. JOKE OF THE YEAR!!!

Next up is my St John AGM
Flag raising ceremony (Me)

My Report (Assistant Secretary)
Finally, the time had come where every excos had to face the AGM and handover. My post was demolished due to the insufficent efficient, capable and active members in our division. During my years as a member and an exco was so much fun. Sigh, time passes to quickly now!! Trials and SPM's next. Many people asked me 'Why do you join St John??'. I replied 'Well, i really dont know'. After joining St John, i learned so much of things, the things that not everyone get a chance to experience : Area & State Competition, NCO Camp, Highway Duty (with a motorcycle accident at night) etc etc. My ambition was engineer but eventually now i'm interested in medical aid, pharmacist, and also nursing. My range of jobs and ambitions had widen when i joined St John. Besides that, i also would like to highlight some of my best friends in St John....
Cheah Wai Hoong, Looi Hong Wei, Lee Kam Wah, Alexander Leo Morris, Fong Teik Sum, Wong Joe Hang, Kisor, Looi Hong Tat, Ivan Tan, Lim Kin Ho, Eon Chen, Donivald Tham
Jesminn Lee
Lim Yi Jern, Law Bao Xin, Yau Yuen Cheng
Teoh Jackson, Koo Jia Chun
Seri Ampang
Chan Chee How, Chee Shiao Wen, Mah Weng Wai
Poi Lam
Tean Zi Yuan, Soo Jyh Wen, Leong Jia Wei, Loh Zi Yan
Chan Kar Yiean
Yuk Choy
Isabelle Ng
Sir Ting Tai Fook (Ayer Tawar), Sir Ng Weng Heng (Yuk Choy), Sir Kevin Peter (State)

To those who i did not write your name here doesn't mean that you are not my friends. Its only that the people stated above really leaves a deep footprint in my memory and heart and I do not wish to forget them in future. If i forget you, please leave a message in my chatbox so that i can remember you. ST JOHN!!! I RESPECT YOU!!! AU REVOIR!!!
My new phone number is 010 3765138 (digi). Sorry for the inconvinience caused!!

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