Thursday, June 4, 2009

Universal Camp III (Part 1)

31st of May 2009 to 3rd of June 2009
SMJK Yuk Choy (SUWA), Jelapang
I was the TREASURER of this camp

31st of May (Day 1)

Members arrived at SMJK Yuk Choy (SUWA) by 1pm. At this time, me, Ivan and Eon are still preparing and making nametags for the members and committees. There were a few game sessions for the members on the first day.
I remembered that there was a game where the committee destroyed the campers' tent and put a casualty in their tent. Campers have to carry the casualty to the hospital (a safe place where me and Ivan and 2 other AJKs' were standing). After carrying them to the safe place, campers are divided, some rebuild their tents and others safe and rescue the casualty. Me, Ivan and the other 2 AJKs' were supposed to be paramedics but we turned out to be bystanders and disturbed them. LOL.

At night, i found out that the campers were all awoke and waiting for the sun to rise. They were not used to sleep in tents where there are alot of mosquitoes and creepy insects (just to scare you). I rounded the field a few times, asking and begging the members to sleep because the next day would be a tiring day, but they refused to do so. All i can do is sit with them and chat. Exactly at 6am in the morning, i could not bear it anymore, i went inside one of the members tent and slept. Quess what?? I left my wallet in the tent while i was asleep and one of the AJK returned to me the next day. ^^

Grafities - These drawings were believed to be haunted because only one of them have 'eyes'


First fall in

Members building the tents

Laminating Machine

Nametags for members
AJK's Gao Gao Place
~to be continue~

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