Friday, June 5, 2009

Universal Camp III (Part 2)

1st of June (Day 2)
Roll call was at 6.30am and i was still sleeping inside a camper's tent. I awoke around 7am and then join the members for exercise. Today, there is jungle trekking where all the campers will be entering the forest and hills behind the school. All the members are excited as they get ready to witness the nature. Members are also able to get the 'outdoor pursuit' badge. Me and Ivan entered together and have to queue up to wait for our turns to walk past certain areas of the forest, for example, climbing up hills where only one person can climb up per turn. Me and Ivan made nicknames for ourselves as we are not suppose to call each others name in the forest. The roads there were muddy and slippery. My whole sports shoes were soaked with mud. T.T At least now i can get a new one..^^

Then, the campers cooked for their lunch and dinner. There are game sessions in between but i did not attend them because i helped Ivan to print out the certificates for the campers

At night, there was a Treasure Hunt game. As the campers were around the school busy searching for their clues in the dark. some of us stayed inside the hall chatting and listening to ghost stories and music. Thats the end of Day 2~~~.

Campers getting ready for jungle trekking
First part where we have to queue up
Very blur..haiz
Waiting to climb up the hill

Ivan taking the shortcut but finally shouting 'Yoong Xiang..HELP!!!'

AJKs' helping members to climb up Campers climbing up one by one

Cert printing!!

~More pictures coming!!~

~To be continue~

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