Friday, June 5, 2009

Universal Camp III (Part 3)

2nd of June (Day 3)

Times flies!! 3rd day had arrived. We are in the middle of nowhere. I woke up late today. 8 something cause i'm too sleepy and i feel that even if i wake up early, i'll have nothing to do!!
Today, there were water games for members. While i was walking around and watching,, somebody whom i dunno who, sprayed flour on my hair...grrrr...what's wrong with HER??? haha, just forget it.

During lunch, i assisted the campers for cooking. OMG, all of them only know how to use stove, microwave oven and delivery???!!! Group 1 and 4 needs my help the most. They doesn't know how to start fire using firewood and always forgot to add in firewood when the isnt any left. At least they doesn't need to eat raw food compared to my school's NCO CAMP.

Later the members had some physical games where they have to run around and chasing each other. One of the games played is the 'SQUIRREL and TREE' Well, its kinda hard to explain here how this game is played, so i dont plan to do it now. The most interesting part of this game is when the trees or the squirrels cant find their new partners, they are given simple punishments by the camp commander.He gave them a task where they have to dance and sing to the audience. Even the camp commander also 'kena' when he played this game. Obviosly, everyone wants to 'kena' him. Haha. Later boys and girls were divided. Boys played CAPTAIN BALL while girls played some games so-called MIND GAMES

During dinner, i also helped the campers for cooking. Sigh, i suddenly feel that SMI is like 'orang asli' because only my school uses firewood or charcoal for cooking while other schools use stove. Nevertheless, its a good thing to have learnt how to start fire using fire starter and all sorts of method to lit and maintain the fire in my school camp. Cooking sessions is not about getting the food cooked only but also building up teamwork and leadership.

At night was the HAPPY HOURS, each school and group have to come out with their own perfomance and SMI sang 'HERE IN MY HOME'. We only use less than 1 hour to prepare for that song and well, i have nothing to say. I cant judge our singing because i'm singing too. Besides that, we even invited a magician to impress the campers. The campers were amused by the tricks that the magician made and gave him a big clap. So i dont think that the campers should complain that they paid RM75 for nothing.

Finally, campers doesn't need to sleep in tents on this particular night because Sir Leong pity them.. LOL
Thats the end of DAY 3~~

Helping to cook!!!
Physical games
Magician performing

~End of DAY 3!~

~Final Day coming up next~

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