Saturday, July 4, 2009

PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara)

I've been choosen to participate in the PKLN for the batch 07/2010 which is next year. Quess what, as soon as i know that my name was in, i jumped and shouted with joy in the class (Well, someone bought phone to school and i asked him to check for me) Suddenly i feel proud of myself, LOL. I've made a survey and asked some of my close friends whether they are choosen or not :

People whom are choosen (Tahniah!!!) :
Koo Woei Hong
Cheong Guo Kang
Wong Hou Keat
Wong Wee Mun
Wong Hon Wai
Ong Jin Hong
Eon Chen
Lau Tuck Khein
Tung Keng Fai
Stephen Liew
Chai Kein Yong
Leong Cheng Zheng (Ex - SMI)
Wong Jin Yuen (MGS)
Lee Yan Chie (Seri Intan)
Leow Voon Bin (PGS)
Lim Eng Hui (Anderson)

People whom are not choosen (Maaf!!!) :
Nicholas Chong
Nicholas Chen
Toon Chi Hong
Fong Teik Sum
Wong Joe Hang
Lim Gim Wei
Tan Kian
Tan Loo Sen
Lee Jian Weay
Loh Zi Yan (Poi Lam)
Leong Jia Wei (Poi Lam)
Kwan Ming Heng (Poi Lam)
Tean Zi Yuan (Poi Lam)
Soo Jyh Wen (Poi Lam)
Ng EeLaine (Seri Intan)
Foo Xue Ying (PGS)
Jackie Yap (Jalan Tasek)
Chan Kar Yiean (JPP)
Gavin (Sam Tet)

To check;
-through SMS - press PKLN SEMAK IC No and send to 15888 (RM0.20)
ie: PKLN SEMAK 920101085151

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