Saturday, July 4, 2009

Poi Lam Co-curiculum Day

Well, I smuggled into SMJK Poi Lam, Ipoh today for their Co-curiculum Day. I arrived there about 9am and met Ming Heng. He brought me to second floor to get a better look at the school's band performance. I can say that their school band is also not bad. They can be a competitor to my school if they enter finals this year.

Percussion Perfomance (Didn't took the woodwind and brass performance pictures!! Sorry!!)

Ming Heng posing with the AFS cute!!

The two Japanese girls that are studying in Poi Lam... selling japanese things
Tae-Kwan-Do making games to 'cheat' money!! XD jokin
That's a telescope!!
Visited their library. Wednesday's Work

Friday's work

Arts Club
Experimenting something.. Playing with FIRE
RM 1 for 1 expensive
There are actually alot more activities there. but i didnt get a chance to take pictures. Their coco day looks like a fun fair more to me. Clubs are trying their best to earn money (cheat peoples money to play their games) LOL.. St John Ambulance is checking BMI and Blood Pressure for free. Again, i was noted as UnderWeight. Scouts were organising Treasure Hunt games, There was even a Haunted House but i didnt get a chance to go in because of the long queue. Some other clubs are also selling food and drinks for a very high price. I left around 11.30 am. Hope to go again next year..^^

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waikeong said...

poi lam band.. hmm no news from them. They're not joining this year's competition.