Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shut Down

Bidding a Temporary Goodbye and Farewell to my Blog and Dear Readers.
As SPM is drawing near, i wont be blogging till SPM ends.
Good luck to all Form 5s' who are taking SPM this year.
See ya..^^

Saturday, October 10, 2009

SPM Trials 2009

First of all, i would like to apologise for not scribbling on my blog for a long time. A lot of things turned up these few days which made me lazy to touch my dearest blog. Besides that, i also couldn't find anything that is appropriate for me write for the pass few weeks. Somehow, without noticing, i've abandoned my blog and had not post anything new since a very long time.

Without further delay, i will publish my trial marks here ;

Bahasa Malaysia
81 - 1A

86 - 1A

95 - 1A

Additional Mathematics
93 - 1A

66 - 4B

Pendidikan Moral
94 - 1A

83 - 1A

81 - 1A

86 - 1A

Prinsip Akauns
87 - 1A

In General, I've achieved 9 1As' and 1 4B .My 'PNG' (Purata Nilai Gred) would be 1.3. Hence, Ive predicted that I could get 5th in the class while in the form, i felt that i might scrap myself into 6th. Although I've managed to grab excellent results this time, I still cant be too proud of myself as SPM is flying very near now. I still have to buck up my Sejarah knowledge.

Furthermore, there's a new grading system recently. It's generated this year and it is also appoved this year. This new grading system ranges from A+ to G

Grade System and Scheme (2009) - (Previous Grade System In Brackets)

A+ (1A)
A (1A)
A- (2A)
B+ (3B)
B (4B)
C+ (5C)
C (6C)
D (7D)
E (8E)
G (9G)

As you can see, 1A is divided, one which is in the higher level, A+. This system is to urge the students in Form 5 to study 'more' harder in order to obtain scholarship.PITY FORM 5s'

Friday, October 2, 2009

101th post

Birthday Girl with her present