Friday, November 13, 2009

Take Care

I guess I've broken my promise to stop blogging till SPM ends, felt sorry for myself. :)

For the pass few days, I've been counting my days left in meeting my friends and attending school

I know even after SPM and we have each others' contact numbers, we wont be so close anymore and see each other in school uniform anymore.

'Some will go east, some will go west, some north and some south' Everyone will have a different pathway to walk on.

For now, i wish everyone GOODLUCK IN SPM. Hope these words inspires you to do better in SPM.

I really hope i can turn back time and start all over again. All i can do now, is just to cherish the moments left with my friends and peers.

Last piece of advise : Dont give up on anything ya. Take care.....

Form 5 Farewell :

Prefecting :

5 Science 2 :