Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunk

Before that, i would like to have a word or two.

First of all, i'm supposed to update on my evening and night dinner at Ipoh Swimming Club post(26/12/2009).
Unfortunately, i lost all of the photos due to some internal problems.
I still remember what i ate for the dinner :
- Chicken Steak
- Pancake Ice Cream
- Banana Split

Secondly, i broke up with Kar Khei. Although it was kinda sad and emotionally at the beginning, but alas i am over with it now. Time to start a new life. I would like to state a few friends here who actually cheered me up. From top is the one who did the most to bring me back up to life:
1.- Vivian Ong (mama) & my baba (Kyu Hyun)
2.- Eric Ewe
3.- Kwan Su Ann
4.- Leong Yung Sin
5.- Jessmin Lee
6.- other friends who consoled me, thank you very much

Thirdly, my 100% attendance certificate. Puan Usha havent obtain it yet.. How am i gonna get it if i'm going to NS next week??? This question keeps buzzing in my mind.

Back to where i started (28/12/2009)
I went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunk 2 with Eric, Su Ann and Jessmin. All CAME LATE!!!, They are just so cute - Chipmunks and Chipettes.
After the movie, we walked around until 2pm when Su Ann and Jessmin went home.
As for me and Eric, we did alot of stuffs - we went Capcom, Bowling and Snooker (First Time)

Top : Simon, Alvin, Theodore

Bottom : Jeanette, Britany, Elanour

Get Set ^^


My first time
Still learning

After snooker, i went over to Tesco to visit my beloved 'mama', Vivian Ong.

I treated her pizza hut.^^.

She ordered Hawaiian Chicken while I ordered Veggie Lover.

She said she's a big-eater but i ate her part also..

End of 28/12/2009~~

I'm so addicted to Super Junior M now.

Learning Korean (by Vivian)
~ annyeonghaseyo = hi, how are you
~ babo = stupid
~ chinggu = friend
~ yeobaseyo = hi (in a phone conversation)
~ gamsahabnida = thank you

Learning Chinese (by Vivian, Yung Sin and Shiau Wen)
~ heart - 心
~ good morning - 早安
~ i like you - 我喜欢你
~ i miss you - 我像你

I dunno whether i'll be posting again this year because my preparations for next week's National Service thingy have not started at all.

Oh ya, i'm one step closer in becoming a successful bussinessman. Just did some trading in Pet Society which kinda earns me alot of money..XD

In case you cant read what is written there ; by JP1995

"I am happy to leave your first VM
Fast and safe trader
100% recommended"

Wishing everyone a .....



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