Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Beginning - Day 1

SPM ended in a blink of an eye. 4 weeks of exam passes by just like a flash of light. Although its the end of schooling life but its a new chapter and beginning in my mind.

Forget about how i fare in SPM, 6 months of freedom is in front of me.

On the first day of freedom (9th Dec 2009), i woke at 10am with a blur face. Then i tidy up myself and went out for breakfast with my grandparents.

At about 10.30am while i was having my breakfast... i received a SMS from darling ; 'Can u come to Jusco now?'

And so i went to Jusco by 12.30pm.. Darling told me that we are going to watch 'Astro Boy' - 1.45pm. The movie was kinda childish but it was quite nice. Its a remake of the old 'Astro Boy' movie

Next, as usually what couples did, we...(if you're smart you know negatives). I went home by 6.30pm.. This is how i spend my first day of so-called freedom

Darling and Me

Acting cool :p

Darling put nail polish on my finger nails T.T

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