Friday, January 29, 2010



Went shopping with Vivi today at Tesco Station 18.

I bought myself a cup

Also bought Vivi a cup =]

My Cup =P


Her cup =P (dun charge me for stealing pictures, k?) XDD


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday TikuzZ

28 / 01/ 2010
Came back to Ipoh...
to celebrate...

TikuzZ ' s first birthday =]


I started playing Pet Society exactly one year ago (28/01/2009)




Got this birthday cake on my birthday (19/09/09) and the birthdaycake fish is released on the same date =]


Most recent pic


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


These are the pictures on my first few days in UTP
During MAS - Minggu Aluan Siswa
Evin , CZY, and me

Then, there was a Michaelian Union Dinner.
The seniors bought us out for dinner.
Only SMI people are there....


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orientation Week at UTP

Might be a long post here..
Let's see where shall i begin??

I just spend 1 whole week at UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) in Tronoh, Perak undergoing the orientation week AKA Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) (16/01/2010 to 23/01/2010)
Today (24/01/2010), i'm finally back home but have to go back later in the evening because 'studying' officially starts tomorrow.

During one of my free time when i was there, i received a call from Ivy =P (forgot which day)
She called me whether i'd forget her. Reason why she ask like that???
It's because on my previous post - 'Family Tree', I forgot to include her..=P Sorie Ivy..

~Friends Family Tree~ (Updated)
Mama - Vivian Ong Wei Wen
Jie Jie - Chee Shiau Wen
Mui Mui - Leong Yung Sin
God Sis - Jessmin Lee Mei Sim
Angel - Ivy Chan Kar Yiean
Princess - Leow Voon Bin

Next, these are the photos that i'm supposed to post last time when i posted about the dinner with my cousin at Swimming Club.

Here are they :

PSP -ing How PRO is the shop??Snooker??Night view of the Club =] =P

Now, back to Orientation Week at UTP

Most of the agenda are briefings. I slept in most of them =P
I was in the same room with Tuck Khein (Propana P02-17)

Out of all the agenda, MORAL SESSION is the best.
During this sessions, there are no Malays because they are praying in the mosque.
Only all the non-muslims participated in this event..
Each and everyday, there will be games and we have fun..

And, during oath taking ceremony, i somehow became the head of platoon E
Now, i'm officially a UTP -ian with this Matrix Card..

Besides that, i also get to know alot of people and friends around all the states in Malaysia.
In addition, there were also international people from Sudan, Mozambique, India, Iran, Yemen, Philippines, Turkmenistan and many more..Its very fun to learn different cultures from other countries

i've bought the pictures and montage during this whole orientation week. When i got them, i will put them in facebook or i might post some here..

My email =


Friday, January 15, 2010

Sayonara =)

I'M NOW AT UTP (16/01/2010)
PS :

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Tree

I'll be leaving for Universiti Teknologi Petronas tomorrow (16/01/2010)
I might not be able to come back for a long long time and cannot get online as often as always already.
Therefore, this will be my last post before i leave for my destination tomorrow and for my future.
The days after my holidays are really very happening. Many things appear in front of my eyes where i have to make tough decisions and strike my hardest for it.
Even so, I feel very fortunate because i have family and friends around me who have actually contribute alot and give me full support.
Special thanks to Vivian Ong. Without your support, i might not be here as cheerful, posting this final post before i'm start my studies again.

Please do keep in touch with me eventhough i had left for UTP.
To those who doesn't have my phone number, this is it... 010 3765138. Please dont spam me..

I went back to school to get my prefect cert. Its also actually my divisions St John Ambulance Induction Day. Therefore, i stayed back to have a look at the induction. Some ex-seniors came back to watch the induction including Wai Hoong, Kam Wah, Yee Kheng and even Darren who just came back from New Zealand after haven seen him for 2 years. As for my batch of seniors, only i went back to watch the induction...
There are some part where the committee team screwed up the whole thing and the results on the amount of members who registered is not satisfactory at all.
Finally, i make up my mind to help the committee team. I became the MC at the last minute and speak to the form 1's on my past experience in St John and it really works! The number who registered increased.

Finally, the main thing that i wanna post on my blog here is my family tree members. Maybe you dont understand what i'm trying to post here but just continue scrolling or looking down

~Friends Family Tree~
Mama - Vivian Ong
Jie Jie - Chee Shiau Wen
Mui Mui - Leong Yung Sin
God Sis - Jessmin Lee

Now, you understand my simple family tree? I dont wanna forget them when i went to UTP... I think thats all that i wanna post now.. Well, do wish me good luck in studies.. TQ~~~ Take care everyone.. =]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Undang (46/50)

9th January 2010 (Saturday)
Apply to listen Undang

10th January 2010 (Sunday)
Listen Undang alone (zzz)

11th January 2010 (Monday)
Study Undang

12th January 2010 (Tuesday)
Study Undang

13th January 2010 (Wednesday)
Sit for Undang. PASS!!! (46/50) woohoo!!!
I have colour blind and yet i can sqeeze through the colour blind test and get all 8 corrects. So happy now. XD
Vivian woke up at 6am to wake me up at 6.20am just to say good luck and wish me all the best.
Feel so shameful. I told her that i'm gonna wake up at 6am, instead she woke up just to wake me up. Must do something to repay her.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Have not touched my blog since i last posted last year.
Although i frequently come to visit my blog but usually i did more blog walking than blog editting.
Every story will have a new beginning and same goes to this one.
I dunno whats coming ahead of me, but whatever comes in 2010, i will face it with whatever way i can

First and foremost, as you all can see now, I'm not going to National Service anymore.
I've been accepted to furthur my studies and will be taking electrical and electronics engineering courses at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. My courses and semesters starts on Jan 16 2010.

Secondly, on Jan 6 2010, i received a parcel from Vivian Ong. My first impression is surely suprised. She 'pakat' with Voon Bin to send me a cute t-shirt and a note. Speechless....Feel like wanna cry.

Love Letter ?? SS MODE

The cute tee Vivi gave me

Finally, I think i had lift off the burden when it comes to love matters. Now, whats left between me and Kar Khei are just memories. For sure there are some sweet ones and some bitter ones. Between me and her, there are no more secrets so i would like to post the memories i had with her here.

Date started : 1 March 2009
Date end : 27 December 2009
Duration : 302 days / 9 months 27 days

Times i meet her : 6 times
1st - StarWalk (June 21 2009, Sunday)
2nd - AMC Canteen Day (July 25 2009, Saturday)
3rd - Ipoh Parade (July 29 2009, Wednesday)
4th - Momo Cafe (September 28 2009, Monday) - Celebrating both of our birthday :)
5th - Jusco (December 9 2009, Wednesday) - Watched Astro Boy
6th - Jusco (December 11 2009, Friday) - Watched Storm Warriors 2

Now that i have written all i wanted to write here. I can now remove her partially from my memory and honestly, i'm very happy to be single back now ^^

Final note here, if you happen to come across my blog, please leave a message on my chatbox. As long, i know who is actually reading my blog or i'm writting to thin air. Thank you ^^