Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Tree

I'll be leaving for Universiti Teknologi Petronas tomorrow (16/01/2010)
I might not be able to come back for a long long time and cannot get online as often as always already.
Therefore, this will be my last post before i leave for my destination tomorrow and for my future.
The days after my holidays are really very happening. Many things appear in front of my eyes where i have to make tough decisions and strike my hardest for it.
Even so, I feel very fortunate because i have family and friends around me who have actually contribute alot and give me full support.
Special thanks to Vivian Ong. Without your support, i might not be here as cheerful, posting this final post before i'm start my studies again.

Please do keep in touch with me eventhough i had left for UTP.
To those who doesn't have my phone number, this is it... 010 3765138. Please dont spam me..

I went back to school to get my prefect cert. Its also actually my divisions St John Ambulance Induction Day. Therefore, i stayed back to have a look at the induction. Some ex-seniors came back to watch the induction including Wai Hoong, Kam Wah, Yee Kheng and even Darren who just came back from New Zealand after haven seen him for 2 years. As for my batch of seniors, only i went back to watch the induction...
There are some part where the committee team screwed up the whole thing and the results on the amount of members who registered is not satisfactory at all.
Finally, i make up my mind to help the committee team. I became the MC at the last minute and speak to the form 1's on my past experience in St John and it really works! The number who registered increased.

Finally, the main thing that i wanna post on my blog here is my family tree members. Maybe you dont understand what i'm trying to post here but just continue scrolling or looking down

~Friends Family Tree~
Mama - Vivian Ong
Jie Jie - Chee Shiau Wen
Mui Mui - Leong Yung Sin
God Sis - Jessmin Lee

Now, you understand my simple family tree? I dont wanna forget them when i went to UTP... I think thats all that i wanna post now.. Well, do wish me good luck in studies.. TQ~~~ Take care everyone.. =]

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