Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orientation Week at UTP

Might be a long post here..
Let's see where shall i begin??

I just spend 1 whole week at UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) in Tronoh, Perak undergoing the orientation week AKA Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) (16/01/2010 to 23/01/2010)
Today (24/01/2010), i'm finally back home but have to go back later in the evening because 'studying' officially starts tomorrow.

During one of my free time when i was there, i received a call from Ivy =P (forgot which day)
She called me whether i'd forget her. Reason why she ask like that???
It's because on my previous post - 'Family Tree', I forgot to include her..=P Sorie Ivy..

~Friends Family Tree~ (Updated)
Mama - Vivian Ong Wei Wen
Jie Jie - Chee Shiau Wen
Mui Mui - Leong Yung Sin
God Sis - Jessmin Lee Mei Sim
Angel - Ivy Chan Kar Yiean
Princess - Leow Voon Bin

Next, these are the photos that i'm supposed to post last time when i posted about the dinner with my cousin at Swimming Club.

Here are they :

PSP -ing How PRO is the shop??Snooker??Night view of the Club =] =P

Now, back to Orientation Week at UTP

Most of the agenda are briefings. I slept in most of them =P
I was in the same room with Tuck Khein (Propana P02-17)

Out of all the agenda, MORAL SESSION is the best.
During this sessions, there are no Malays because they are praying in the mosque.
Only all the non-muslims participated in this event..
Each and everyday, there will be games and we have fun..

And, during oath taking ceremony, i somehow became the head of platoon E
Now, i'm officially a UTP -ian with this Matrix Card..

Besides that, i also get to know alot of people and friends around all the states in Malaysia.
In addition, there were also international people from Sudan, Mozambique, India, Iran, Yemen, Philippines, Turkmenistan and many more..Its very fun to learn different cultures from other countries

i've bought the pictures and montage during this whole orientation week. When i got them, i will put them in facebook or i might post some here..

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