Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Have not touched my blog since i last posted last year.
Although i frequently come to visit my blog but usually i did more blog walking than blog editting.
Every story will have a new beginning and same goes to this one.
I dunno whats coming ahead of me, but whatever comes in 2010, i will face it with whatever way i can

First and foremost, as you all can see now, I'm not going to National Service anymore.
I've been accepted to furthur my studies and will be taking electrical and electronics engineering courses at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. My courses and semesters starts on Jan 16 2010.

Secondly, on Jan 6 2010, i received a parcel from Vivian Ong. My first impression is surely suprised. She 'pakat' with Voon Bin to send me a cute t-shirt and a note. Speechless....Feel like wanna cry.

Love Letter ?? SS MODE

The cute tee Vivi gave me

Finally, I think i had lift off the burden when it comes to love matters. Now, whats left between me and Kar Khei are just memories. For sure there are some sweet ones and some bitter ones. Between me and her, there are no more secrets so i would like to post the memories i had with her here.

Date started : 1 March 2009
Date end : 27 December 2009
Duration : 302 days / 9 months 27 days

Times i meet her : 6 times
1st - StarWalk (June 21 2009, Sunday)
2nd - AMC Canteen Day (July 25 2009, Saturday)
3rd - Ipoh Parade (July 29 2009, Wednesday)
4th - Momo Cafe (September 28 2009, Monday) - Celebrating both of our birthday :)
5th - Jusco (December 9 2009, Wednesday) - Watched Astro Boy
6th - Jusco (December 11 2009, Friday) - Watched Storm Warriors 2

Now that i have written all i wanted to write here. I can now remove her partially from my memory and honestly, i'm very happy to be single back now ^^

Final note here, if you happen to come across my blog, please leave a message on my chatbox. As long, i know who is actually reading my blog or i'm writting to thin air. Thank you ^^

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