Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Undang (46/50)

9th January 2010 (Saturday)
Apply to listen Undang

10th January 2010 (Sunday)
Listen Undang alone (zzz)

11th January 2010 (Monday)
Study Undang

12th January 2010 (Tuesday)
Study Undang

13th January 2010 (Wednesday)
Sit for Undang. PASS!!! (46/50) woohoo!!!
I have colour blind and yet i can sqeeze through the colour blind test and get all 8 corrects. So happy now. XD
Vivian woke up at 6am to wake me up at 6.20am just to say good luck and wish me all the best.
Feel so shameful. I told her that i'm gonna wake up at 6am, instead she woke up just to wake me up. Must do something to repay her.

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