Friday, February 26, 2010

Dead Poet's Society

Went to pocket D to watch this movie...
Mr Joan was so surprised that only a few person came...
But it was indeed a nice movie...

~~Last Scene~~ damn cool


Monday, February 22, 2010

First Malaysia's Astronaut visits UTP

Sorry for the late post..
Well, the title says it all...
Our first Malaysian astronaut visits my university.
He's non-other than Dato. Sheikh Muszaphar.
He was here to give us a talk on his experience in space about 3 years ago =]

Here are the pics :

Starting, we must 'baca DOA'
This talk is under IRC Carnival
Head of IRC Carnival's speech
Head of National Library's speech
Opening ceremony by beating the GONG

Astronaut's speech
Finish talking

Media photo taking
In physics class

Today is also Jia Yen's birthday, so i bought her this pouch


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alone Again


Suppose i have 4 classes today
1. Physics Tutorial 8am to 10am
2. Chemistry 11am to 12pm
3. Physics 12pm to 1pm
4. Pre Calculus 2pm to 3pm

I was told earlier that there will be no tutorial classes this whole week, therefore i woke up 9am today because the Physics Tutorial (1) class was canceled....

Then, i went for my Chemistry class at 10.30am. Hell, i waited for my chemistry lecturer to appear but he didn't. He's so irresponsible. By right, he should have told us that the class was canceled , hence, no Chemistry (2) class

After that, i walked to Pocket D which is quite far from my Chemistry(2) class for my Physics (3) class. Well, the class is on. Not postponed =P

Finally, Pre Calculus (4) class was canceled too due to request by someone = =!!.. So, i had lunch at Pocket D where there was also a 'pasar pagi' near there. I bought two black shirts for RM20!! =]

So, in general.. There'll be multiples of replacement classes for me like there's no tomorrow in time to come. T.T

Shirt 1 (Front)
Shirt 1 (Back)
Shirt 2 (Front)
Shirt 2 (Back)

They both cost me Rm10 each and have good cloth quality. Worth??


Alone in my Room

Went to Jusco to watch All's Well End's Well 2010, a very hilarious comedy.... watch with Vivian Ong and Carmen Leong (i dun really know her) + her brother....
Then met up with Voon Bin, she treated me Apple Juice...=P..
For more info, view Vivian Ong's blog =]

All's Well End's Well 2010 =]
Watched 2009 with my cousin
Will there be 2011 next year??

Back in UTP. Alone in my room cause everyone haven come back yet..
Took this opportunity to take 'Gentleman' pics XDD

Wow, my panda eyes. =]

Paiseh =P

The Pre-Calculus book i bought yesterday when i went to Jusco,
Bought it after Vivian went home.=]

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Added some SS pictures which was taken on my first day of CNY
Long time din spike my hair already
Sharing with you guys.


Unrelated, accidentally uploaded this pic =]

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY + Valentines Day


Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day
Its Single's Awareness Day for me =]

First of all, bad luck for me =]
I lost my wallet
In the wallet, there's RM300++ , IC , and ATM card

Anyway, i got scolded and bought a new wallet for RM18 =]
'Old things dun go, new things how to come??'
So, i'm definitely, not blaming you =]

How i lost it..
I went Jusco to buy tickets to watch All's Well End's Well 2010 and unfortunately, some pickpockets took it..
The tickets are still with me =]

Reunion Dinner

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping 2

Went to Ipoh Parade and bought these shoes for rm30.00 =]
Learned shopping for cheap things already =]


Went Tesco with family..

Random Shots =]

i think this shirt looks familiar to Vivi =P

Me in the dressing room, trying my new pair of jeans

Finally, i found the pig...that day cant find it with Vivi... but i din buy it..=P


Thursday, February 4, 2010


busy with lectures, tutorials and labs now..
too tired to post long posts..

oh ya, i became a MONITOR in my english tutorial class..

i was like 'being backstabbed'

newest ss photo..=P

look so tired..haiz..