Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alone Again


Suppose i have 4 classes today
1. Physics Tutorial 8am to 10am
2. Chemistry 11am to 12pm
3. Physics 12pm to 1pm
4. Pre Calculus 2pm to 3pm

I was told earlier that there will be no tutorial classes this whole week, therefore i woke up 9am today because the Physics Tutorial (1) class was canceled....

Then, i went for my Chemistry class at 10.30am. Hell, i waited for my chemistry lecturer to appear but he didn't. He's so irresponsible. By right, he should have told us that the class was canceled , hence, no Chemistry (2) class

After that, i walked to Pocket D which is quite far from my Chemistry(2) class for my Physics (3) class. Well, the class is on. Not postponed =P

Finally, Pre Calculus (4) class was canceled too due to request by someone = =!!.. So, i had lunch at Pocket D where there was also a 'pasar pagi' near there. I bought two black shirts for RM20!! =]

So, in general.. There'll be multiples of replacement classes for me like there's no tomorrow in time to come. T.T

Shirt 1 (Front)
Shirt 1 (Back)
Shirt 2 (Front)
Shirt 2 (Back)

They both cost me Rm10 each and have good cloth quality. Worth??


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