Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alone in my Room

Went to Jusco to watch All's Well End's Well 2010, a very hilarious comedy.... watch with Vivian Ong and Carmen Leong (i dun really know her) + her brother....
Then met up with Voon Bin, she treated me Apple Juice...=P..
For more info, view Vivian Ong's blog =]

All's Well End's Well 2010 =]
Watched 2009 with my cousin
Will there be 2011 next year??

Back in UTP. Alone in my room cause everyone haven come back yet..
Took this opportunity to take 'Gentleman' pics XDD

Wow, my panda eyes. =]

Paiseh =P

The Pre-Calculus book i bought yesterday when i went to Jusco,
Bought it after Vivian went home.=]

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