Sunday, March 28, 2010

Phantasieren 2010

Went to the Hall opposite PGS to watch their school's band concert.

Song that they played include :
1. Highland Park Overture
2. Spirited Away Medley
3. Theme from Ponyo On The Cliff by the Sea
4. Flower
5. Shrek Dance Party

5 energetic songs played by PGS school band before a 15 minutes break.
Then, the concert continued and the hall was bombarded with another 6 lovely songs:
6. Enka Medley Vol 1
7. Lover
8. Enka Medley Vol 2
9. I only care about you
10. If we hold on together
11. Highlights from Jerzey Boys

PGS school band really made up a good show and a large sum of money for their society.
Anyway, i didn't regret going for it and missing Earth Hour at home. =p

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