Friday, April 30, 2010


28th of April 2010 - Wednesday
Sorry for the delayed post...
Today, I planned to go Tesco to visit someone...
I drove there from 4pm and reached Ipoh around 5pm.
I went there with Daniel, Faza and Sugan.
When I was at Tesco, they went to Jusco to watch the movie 'Kick Ass'
I'm supposed to have class at 8pm and have Multimodal Presentation.
However, the movie three of them watched ends at 7.45pm,
Thus, i rushed back to UTP at 120km/h and reached at 8.30pm...XD
I was on time for the presentation..=P

Car Test next Tuesday (4th of May 2010)..
Oh ya, I forget to tell all of you...
I drove without license today for both our journey to and fro from UTP..=]

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