Thursday, April 8, 2010

JPA Journey

8th of April 2010
My JPA journey was kinda weird, somehow compared to others...
On the 7th of April 2010, Stephen told me that there were changes for my interview..
So i went to ESILA and rechecked..
There was REALLY A CHANGE!!!!...
My interview had change from 8am to 12.15 'pagi' without any notice..
So, i planned to go there around 11am tomorrow...

The next morning, i received a call at 10am ; a call from JPA's clerk~~.
She was asking me whether i will come for the interview or not???
I explained to her about the time change..
but she said that there was no time changes and i would've arrived at 8am...
WTH!!! definitely i rushed to MBI and finally reached by 10.30am...
I went to 2nd floor to meet Ban Siong whose interview was at 12.15 'pagi' too..
then another clerk asked me to go 5th floor...
I showed the clerk on the 5th floor that my letter said that my interview was on 12.15 'pagi'.
Guess what the clerk answered : " TYPING ERROR LA'.=.=''
Then, i gave her all my stuffs that I'm supposed to bring
Anyway, I wasn't late for the interview because my group was one of the last to go into the panel room
My panel was PANEL 5
There were suppose to be 5 in a group when we enter the panel room..
However, the previous group lacks of 2 person and, as for my group, 2 person gave up (tarik diri)..
So, both of our groups joined together...
Therefore, there were SIX (6) person in my group.....
Before entering the room, i called Alison and asked her hows the situation because she had her interview earlier than me...
And thus, i entered the room with all the preparations i needed...

I entered the panel room at about 11am..
2 boys and 3 girls entered the panel room together with me..
We sit according to numbers and my number was 6 (the special one)
Means that I became the 6th member of the interview..
There were 3 interviewers, two Malay men and an Indian lady.
We started off with introducing ourselves in Bahasa Malaysia.
The first boy said that both of his parents had already passed away and he's now in PLKN..
Next is a girl and she said she's from Taiping.
Next a Malay boy from Gopeng..
Then, a Chinese girl from JPP
After that, a Chinese girl from AMC

Finally, my turn!!!...
I started with some craps..' Selamat pagi dan selamat sejahtera saya ucapkan.... Terima Kasih kerana sudi mengambil saya utk ditemu duga'....but others didn't...=P
Then, i said : ' Nama saya ialah Wong Yoong Xiang'.. then the interviewer stopped me and asked ' Nama awak Wong Yen Siang ke?? ' I said NO and i spelled my name.... The interviewer said ' Tunggu ya, ada masalah sikit ' The clerk bought the other person's profile and gave the interviewer which is not mine.. I had to pause awhile and the interviewer went out to take my profile.. I was so tension that time.. Everyone was waiting for my profile to arrive... Finally, it arrived and i continued... I said i was currently in UTP, but others are not...=].. That makes me proud..and i think most of them 'bo song' me because i crapped and introduced kinda long compared to them and they have to wait for me just now for my profile...

After finishing my introduction in BM, a question was asked in English..the question was " SHOULD SCHOLARSHIPS BE AWARDED BASED ON ACADEMIC RESULTS OR FINANCIAL NEEDS?? ".. I talked crap and created some stories...

Then, another question was asked but me with the AMC girl don't need to answer because we applied local science while the other 4 applied oversea. The question was " WOULD YOU ACCEPT THE LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP IF THE SAME COURSE IS GIVEN AS YOU APPLIED FOR OVERSEAS ". I was amazed with the Taiping girl's answer.. She said ' Beggars cannot be Choosers'. Anyway, she was quite good and impressed the interviewers...=]

The final question asked was WHY DO YOU DESERVE THIS SCHOLARSHIP FROM OTHERS WHO ALSO NEEDS IT?... YES!!!!!, I have prepared for this question, I said I'm already in UTP while others are not...=]...and also crapped a bit.

Finally, the interviewer asked us whether we got any questions or not.. I asked ' DOES THIS SCHOLARSHIP APPLIES TO ME WHEN I STUDY IN UTP?' The interviewer said ' I tak tau la.. Pergi tanya orang kat luar tu ' ... SWT!!!!.. anyway, only me asked a question while others didn't. We shook hands with the interviewers before we went out..=]

I took back my original stuff's file outside and went to 2nd floor to find Ban Siong. Unfortunately, his interview haven't even started. So, i told him about my interview and went to Ipoh Parade...

I bought something there for my Agi and my mum fetched me home =].. The end!!

After the interview =]
Agi sure gonna kill me..
Anyway, i also buy dy...But i dunno how to give her..

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