Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dear beloved readers,
Sorry for my long absence without prior notice..
I just finished my final semester examination and ended my 1st semester today.
One week of holidays in Ipoh before going back for 2nd semester.

Where was I last time?

Well, too many things happen to me since I last wrote on my blog...
Lets do some recalling.

4th of May 2010 (Tuesday)
Went to Tambun to take my JPJ Test. Meet Jin Hong, Nick Chen, Mei Foong and Kevin Cheang.
Nick Chen was taking his retake on the road.while Kevin Cheang is in Sesi 2.
Me, Jin Hong and Mei Foong were chatting while waiting for our turns on the road..Both of the chat the most about NS, i just kept quiet, cause i skipped mine.
Final result was ; ALL 3 of us PASSED!!

6th of May 2010 (Thurday)
I GOT it..

7th of May 2010 (Friday)
Drive to Jusco with Philip and Kai Xiang to meet Agi.. THIS TIME WITH LISENCE!!!

8th of May 2010 (Saturday)
Stayed back this week to study for examination. Parents came and bought me to KFC

9th of May 2010 (Sunday)
Drove to Jusco alone for someone.. =]

10th of May 2010 (Monday)
English test

11th of May 2010 (Tuesday)
Chemistry test

12th of May 2010 (Wednesday)
Physics test

13th of May 2010 (Thurday)
Pre Calculus test... BALIK KAMPUNG!!..ONE WEEK HOLIDAY...went to burger king then to Jusco to meet Agi...(Seriously, i must recall back and keep count on how many times i met her already)

More to come during holidays!!


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