Thursday, June 3, 2010


2nd of June 2010 - Wednesday

Since Philip Teh Yi Chun said he's leaving UTP for Form 6, so i planned to make a farewell outing for him. 
Philip, Kai Xian and me went to Jusco, Ipoh for a movie.
Philip said he wanna tried out " Ipoh Chicken Tauge " , so we went there for lunch...

 Philip enjoying his ' Hor Fun '
 Philip n Kai Xian
 Me n Philip
 The so-called famous " Ipoh Tauge Chicken "
 Tauge =] - Nga Choi
 Chicken =] - Gai
 Now become " Chicken Tauge " - Nga Choi Gai

Next, we head to JJ for movie.. Initially, we wanted to catch Prince of Persia. However, the time is not suitable. So, we switched to watch " Happy Go Lucky " , a hilarious Singapore comedy featuring Fann Wong.
This movie that we're going to watch suppose to start at 4.20pm, however we have about 30 minutes to spare, so we had bowling before the show starts.

Going up to Jusco Bowl.
Kai Xian rolling the ball
Philip's turn
Always wanted to strike but never made it.
My turn =P..Paiseh
Speechless pose..=.=''

Finally, it's time for the " Happy Go Lucky " movie..=]

The movie was quite funny and i laugh throughout the whole movie, but if the director is Jack Neo, i think the movie would be better. 

The tickets.
Cinema toilet..=P

Random photo of the post...

See, see, see...Babe, I'm 46 kg!!... I took this when i went to the clinic in the morning because i had flu and sore throat..XD

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