Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brother Kit's Wedding Dinner

This was supposed to be posted days after his wedding but I totally forgotten until I found the pictures in my camera recently.
His wedding dinner was held on the 2nd of October 2010 at Indulgence Hotel, Ipoh

Let us start with a glass of red wine
Taking up the glass of wine.
And drink. Notice anything special  between the first 3 pictures?

Answer : Look at what am i holding in the second picture. The glass is actually very hot.

Welcome to Indulgence Hotel

Main fuction : Wedding

Can I help you?
No place for you to sit. Sit outside la. Don't come in
Guess who is this? OK i look so stone. ><
They're all mine. Red wine is nicer than white wine.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raymond Lam in Ipoh Parade

Raymond Lam came to Ipoh Parade today (16/10/2010) as the ambassador of Ali Cafe Power Root Coffee.
He arrived around 2pm. Here are some photos taken.

Raymond Lam (right). He was talking something but I forgot what he was talking about

It wasn't a concert. He wasn't going to sing but yet...

Thousands of his fans greeted him. This is only the ground floor, almost the same amount on every single floor of Ipoh Parade.

His autograph signing session began

I don't understand why people taking his autograph by just wasting money buying Ali Cafe products while I can just take his autograph from google images. However, I don't think i need his autograph because I got my own. XD

He signed for almost thousands of his fans. I wonder if his hand hurts or not for signing for so many times. Not forgetting, he also will have the same autograph session today at One Utama later. Pity him. Like what my friend said : "He choose this path.". =]

Oh ya, cute right? I like the yellow original Doraemon the most.

Friday, October 15, 2010

UTP Convo Fair

First and foremost, I need to clarify that UTP life is so hectic. Two quizzes in one week almost killed me off.
UTP's Convocation is this weekend and they had a Convo Fair at V4 Car Park.
The fair was almost similar to 'pasar malam' we had but its much smaller.
On Saturday and Sunday, there's suppose to be Hot Air Balloon and Horse Riding but I chose to come back to Ipoh.
The fair is 4 days starting from Thursday (14/10/2010). I went there to have a visit.

These dolls are suppose to be for the graduates. They range from RM10 to RM40

Doraemon is just so cute!

Valantino Rossi from MotoGP rode this. But i think it's a prototype

Same goes to this one. Mercedes GP driven by Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.
It's so different witnessing this car just in front of you and from TVs.
I wished I could sit inside and take this picture but the guards wont allow. XD

Last but not least, I bought this Liverpool Home Jerzey for RM45. Obviously, its not original but at least from far it really look original. I planned to buy the Away Kit too this Sunday when I return to UTP.