Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raymond Lam in Ipoh Parade

Raymond Lam came to Ipoh Parade today (16/10/2010) as the ambassador of Ali Cafe Power Root Coffee.
He arrived around 2pm. Here are some photos taken.

Raymond Lam (right). He was talking something but I forgot what he was talking about

It wasn't a concert. He wasn't going to sing but yet...

Thousands of his fans greeted him. This is only the ground floor, almost the same amount on every single floor of Ipoh Parade.

His autograph signing session began

I don't understand why people taking his autograph by just wasting money buying Ali Cafe products while I can just take his autograph from google images. However, I don't think i need his autograph because I got my own. XD

He signed for almost thousands of his fans. I wonder if his hand hurts or not for signing for so many times. Not forgetting, he also will have the same autograph session today at One Utama later. Pity him. Like what my friend said : "He choose this path.". =]

Oh ya, cute right? I like the yellow original Doraemon the most.

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