Friday, October 15, 2010

UTP Convo Fair

First and foremost, I need to clarify that UTP life is so hectic. Two quizzes in one week almost killed me off.
UTP's Convocation is this weekend and they had a Convo Fair at V4 Car Park.
The fair was almost similar to 'pasar malam' we had but its much smaller.
On Saturday and Sunday, there's suppose to be Hot Air Balloon and Horse Riding but I chose to come back to Ipoh.
The fair is 4 days starting from Thursday (14/10/2010). I went there to have a visit.

These dolls are suppose to be for the graduates. They range from RM10 to RM40

Doraemon is just so cute!

Valantino Rossi from MotoGP rode this. But i think it's a prototype

Same goes to this one. Mercedes GP driven by Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.
It's so different witnessing this car just in front of you and from TVs.
I wished I could sit inside and take this picture but the guards wont allow. XD

Last but not least, I bought this Liverpool Home Jerzey for RM45. Obviously, its not original but at least from far it really look original. I planned to buy the Away Kit too this Sunday when I return to UTP.

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