Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day

Friday 12th of November 2010,
A day that i should blog to remember this remarkable date.
It started off 6.45am when I woke up to bath and get ready to leave for Tun Razak Library. Since it's my semester break, i have the habit of sleeping late because i do not have to attend classes as usual in UTP. Consequently, i felt very sleepy due to lack of sleep.

Scenario 1: Tun Razak Library
I had breakfast with my parents and they dropped me at the library around 8.15am. I was suppose to wait for someone to study together but this person did not turn up. Since the library only opens at 10.00am, i sat alone at the library canteen studying calculus. Feeling very sleepy and frustrated, i left for the next destination

Scenario 2: St Michael Institution, Ipoh
I walked to school at 10.00am. I told the guard-in-charge that i have some office business but actually my main idea is to 'lepak' around my old school. Then, i took St John Office's key and hide inside to study and sleep awhile until school ends. I was told that the division is having Annual Cleanup today so that's actually my main purpose coming to school besides chatting with my old friends. I left for Jusco at 2.00pm.

Scenario 3: Kinta City
I reached Jusco around 2.30pm. My main purpose here is to find a new school bag for myself. Initially, I thought a sling bag will be nice for me, but i searched high and low and walked the whole Jusco, i couldn't find the bag that suits me besides lack of choices. My parents are expected to arrive at 5.30pm so i decided to go for a movie. I chose "Unstoppable" which starts at 3.15pm - watched it with babe

Scenario 4: Ipoh Parade
Shop around for a bag. Bought a body glove bag worth RM129.90.

Scenario 5: UTP
I came back purposely to attend an ice breaking session regarding an event that I've joined named Child Pro which lasted 15 minutes.

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