Thursday, November 4, 2010

KL Trip

I went to KL about a week ago which was on the 22nd and 23rd of October. The reason I was there with my dad was to attend my dad's step brother's registration wedding gathering. Sound's complicated? Well, my main objective to KL was to visit places and relax myself after hectic weeks of studies in UTP.

It was also my first ever experience boarding a train, an electric train.
This is how an electric train looks like from inside. It's highest velocity was 145km/h which was shown on the screen of the Plasma TV. I reached KL in less than 2 hours from Ipoh
The boarding tickets.

This notice board looks so COOL!
The word is just too long and too big. I cant take the full pic of it. The train stops at Central Kuala Lumpur Train Station.
My uncle driving me around KL upon my arrival
I'm really amazed by its infrastructures. Pity, I'm not in Civil Engineering but look at how pretty is the lighting systems and that's what Electrical and Electronic Engineers should be proud off.
SURIA KLCC - I"ve only visited it once very long time ago
This is the temple where my dad's step brother is going to register his wedding. I forgot the name of this temple
Beautiful scenery but the weather is just too HOT
3 generations : Me, Grandpa and Dad
After registering, we went to the restaurant to have lunch. I forgot to take picture of my cousin sister and brother. Havent met them for a long long time.
Took this photo in the toilet! Haha
Visited IKEA
and The CURVE
and of course DUNKIN DONUTS
before heading back to IPOH.
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